Redmineflux vs : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Project managers organize resources to achieve project deadlines in a cost-efficient way, and let’s make it clear, it is stressful. Project managers need no additional bottleneck, project management tools need to perform. According to the experts, the market value for project management software is expected to reach $20,400M. Many software companies want to take a piece of the market. However, some software companies are doing a better job than others. If you are frustrated with Monday, please read to the end, we will present you with the alternative for project planning. project management software offers a user-friendly interface to manage team collaboration, boards for planning, and a dashboard for tracking. The software is designed to help project managers in Sales, marketing, development, HR, and Operations departments. With a highly customizable view, team members can choose to display deadlines on Kanban boards, Gantt charts, or calendars.  

Redmineflux vs A Project Management Tool Comparison

The software promises to collaborate seamlessly and automate processes to ensure effective planning and quick decision-making. Far from the marketing pitch, the software application presents some significant drawbacks that can put your project at risk. If you are looking for Cloud-based alternatives, read the post until the end, we will present the project management tool, Redmineflux. 

While Redmineflux is new in town, it has the potential to improve project management, improve issue tracking, and help you balance out team workload. Redmineflux plugins are designed to scale with your business requirements and provide the exact features your organization needs.  

By the end of this article, you’ll learn: main features and limitations for project management.  

-Redmineflux’s advantages and why you should consider as a project management tool for your organization. 


Redmineflux is a cloud-based project management tool specifically designed for organizations of different sizes, from startups to mid-size organizations. Redmine, an open-source project, provides the platform foundation for Redmineflux, which builds features uniquely developed for project management. The modular approach allows project managers to choose the solution package that supports their needs without compromising on a one-size-fits-all solution.  

The software solution offers a cost-efficient management tool for task tracking, team collaboration, and workload monitoring. Redmineflux plugins offer out-of-the-box agile boards, Gantt charts, and custom dashboards. The software solution interconnects all features, so project managers do not need to jump among applications to track tasks’ progress. Redmineflux’s advanced features integrate team workload and timesheet, so project managers can take performance to the next level. for Project Management is a Work OS application for creating end-to-end workflows and supporting industry-specific processes. The software buildings block serves to customize workflows for Sales, Marketing, Development, IT or even Operations departments. The software integrates process tools and files into one view, a work OS. It also integrates communication tools so real-time data is shared among shareholders.  

The software allows users to create their own applications while presenting an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionalities. Users can manage workflows and monitor task progress while collaborating across multiple boards. The software enables project and budget tracking as well as workload and resource utilization. Its collaboration enables team communication in the same place, also @mention and notifications to relate a person to a specific task and make them know what the following tasks are.  

The software offers a mapping-based integration for over 200 third-party applications in the app marketplace. For example, the app marketplace integrates storage applications like Google Drive and Dropbox; communications tools like Slack, Zoom, Google Chat, and marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and SurveyMonkey. Further, it supports the integration of development tools like Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab.  

Feature-by-Feature Comparison

As a project manager choosing the right tool is a challenging decision that can impact not only your project timeline but the bottom line. While helps to build a customized workflow for your project, it also brings some headaches with broken linkages and jobs getting forgotten or automation working sometimes. Don’t worry, you are not alone, and we will present a cloud-based alternative, Redmineflux. In this section, we will compare features by feature for and Redmineflux. 

Project Management Tools brings work management tools to the next level by integrating a user-friendly interface with highly customizable blocks. The project portfolio management solution enables setting and tracking company-level goals and connecting them to the current projects. Gantt chart, dependencies, milestones, and critical paths are depicted in real-time, so no significant insight is lost in the project hassle. It offers customizable views for the Gantt chart, Kanban board, Workload, and timeline, so every team stakeholder stays in the loop. Moreover, no-code automation increases project efficiency by eliminating the need for human interaction for approvals or reminders.  

The solution offers work management products specially designed for project and task management. But be careful, IT project management capabilities such as sprint planning, release planning, and agile projects run on Monday dev, a separate module.   

Redmineflux plugins also bring out-of-the-box Roadmaps, Kanban boards, checklists, timesheets, and issue templates. The intuitive interface makes it easy to set up a new project and to get users quickly onboarded. The project management features are well interconnected, enabling an end-to-end view of the deadlines, progression, and resources. Redmineflux users have all project data in one place, making project work fun and exciting.  

Monitoring and Tracking is based on real-time data synchronization across the whole company making the team resources status transparent to everyone. User access dashboard and reporting views to understand the project status, budget situation, and workload. Visualizing project status and scope in several views (Gantt chart, Kanban board, Workload, and timeline) helps project managers make data-driven decisions.  

Similarly, Redmineflux enables real-time project progress tracking individually, giving managers an insight into how long a task will need to be completed. Redmineflux users identify timely bottlenecks, reduce the impact on the deadlines, and eliminate them efficiently. The software enables visualizations of achieved deadlines and tracking of goals, tasks, and resources.  

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration is similar in both software platforms, Redmineflux enables collaboration with task assignments and mentions using the “@”. This allows users to tag tasks assignees and get them immediately involved. Additionally, the notification plugins can be configured to trigger e-mail notifications. Equivalently users can quickly inform other team members about relevant information, changes, or discussions.  

Compatibility users can access the application over a desktop app on Windows and Mac. And for project managers constantly traveling, a mobile app is available on iOS and Android. In contrast, Redmineflux offers an intuitive and user-friendly web application. 

Table 1. Feature-to-Feature comparison vs. Redmineflux 

Features  Monday (work management)  Redmineflux 
Project Management Tools Gantt chart, Kanban board, Workload, and timeline. Agile features are available over Monday dev   Plugins include Gantt Chart, Agile Board ( Sprint planning) Checklist, Workload and Timesheet. 
Monitor & Tracking 


real-time data synchronization over boards, from roadmap to workload  

Tracking and monitoring out-of-the-box, workload on individual members.
Collaboration tools  Mention with @ and customizable notifications  Mentioning with @ to assign team members. 
Compatibility  Web app and Mobile app for Android and iOS  Web Application. 
Integration  +200 third-party applications Google Drive, Jira, Slack, Dropbox, Miro  Several Plugins, plus Redmine third-party such as GitHub, Google Calendar and BitBucket. 
Price  Free Plan;  Basic Plan for $24/month; Standard Plan for $30/month and Pro Plan for $48/month. Additionally, Enterprise Plan by consultation.  Each plugin alone free to $499. Plugins Combo essential for $1695 and Plugins Combo full for $3786 as one time fee.


The level of integration of Software is terrific, they offer over 200 integrations from cloud file manager Google Drive, Dropbox, and Onedrive to collaboration tools like Slack, Google Chat, Jira, and Miro. It offers classical third-party integration for CD/CI pipelines such as Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, and HTML embedded.  

In comparison, Redmineflux Plugins extend Redmine platform functionalities and integrate the already existing connectivity to third-party plugins. Relevant Redmineflux integrations include applications such as GitHub (code repository), Google Calendar, and BitBucket.   


The price model of is very complex, but the application has five tiers. The free version is very limited, just for 2 users and 3 boards. The basic version costs $9 per seat/month for unlimited viewers and unlimited items. The standard version price is up to $12 per seat/month for timeline, Gantt views, and calendar. Then, the pro version is available $19 per seat/month for features like private boards, charts and time tracking. Finally an additional enterprise version with enterprise-grade security and multilevel permission (price on consultation).      

Redmineflux is straightforward. Depending on their needs, users can book Plugins Combo from $1695 per year, an essential package, to $3786 as one time fee, All Plugins Combo.

Advantages of Redmineflux

Redmineflux allows project managers to track and monitor the project at different levels and instantly take action if a bottleneck is identified. The out-of-the-box Kaban boards and mentioning tools make the project work natural and fun. Redmineflux’s drag-and-drop intuitive interface makes training new users fast and easy. The most important feature is the interconnection of functionalities works reliably, and in the case of any question, user support is available 24/7.  

Redmineflux plugin combos perfectly adapt to startup businesses or middle to big organizations’ needs. What really stands out is Redmineflux Workload and timesheet plugin, which helps project managers and team members to increase productivity and deliver product increments at a faster pace. Also, Redmineflux has no vendor locking since it is based on the Redmine open-source platform.  

Advantages of solution integrates a valuable out-of-the-box collection of project management features. The work management functionality leverages over 200 third-party applications, integrating storage, collaboration, and marketing tools. Nevertheless, the intercommunications over the blocks, basically spreadsheets, have significant limitations. The application breaks as the number of block connections increases, making automation less reliable. 

Another critical point to consider while starting a project with is the pricing model. Roadmaps, dashboards, Gantt views, and timelines are available but not in the same price tier. Additionally, if you are IT project manager, check dev which integrates agile tooling, like sprint planning, roadmap planning, feature request, and bug tracking.


The free version of is just a test version since just 2 users and up to 3 boards are allowed. The basic version costs $9 per seat/month, however still limited for small teams. The standard version price is $12 per seat/month, and it is the best one for project managers since it enables timeline and Gantt views as well as automation. On the high end, the Pro version integrates Chart views, time tracking and dependencies, and third-party integration (25,000 actions per month). A more advanced version, an enterprise tier, integrates enterprise-grade security and multilevel permission (price on consultation). However, an implementation project can cost as much as $20,000 for full customization.      

In comparison, Redmineflux offers plugins for free up to $499 or a package called Plugins Combo. Plugins Combo started from $1695 for essential features to $3786 for All plugins Combo. All Plungins Combo includes fully customizable collaboration plugins and custom Dashboards with Key Metrics. Also, it integrates task management with Kanban workflows and a drag-and-drop interface. The fantastic point is the features are fully integrated in a reliable way, so every progress is tracked in real-time over the whole project workflow.  Moreover, each package comes with 12 months of updates, support, and bug fixes, and after that period, Redmineflux users continue receiving updates, support, and bug fixes for an additional cost of 30% of the combo price.  


In the blog post, we described the pros and cons of work management tool and we have explored Redmineflux, a replacement for time tracking. In the feature-to-feature comparison, both products present similar capabilities. It offers user-friendly blocks, similar to a spreadsheet and allows teams to customize apps for project planning and tracking. Over customized views, users can track goals and issue progress over the timeline, Gannt chart or calendar. Additionally, the third-party integration of more than 200 applications is fantastic. However, the intercommunications among blocks present several issues and have significant limitations. Moreover, a project implementation can cost your organization over $20,000 for end-to-end customization.  

The Redmineflux developer team has designed a cost-efficient project management tool for agile development that works reliably. Redmineflux also provides a user-friendly interface and goes to the time management level with team workload and timesheet. Project managers will be fascinated by how to regain productivity. Last but not least, the modular strategy of Redmineflux enables organizations to scale as they grow and extend features with plugins packages as more functionalities are needed.  

So, if you are looking for alternative with Kanban boards and don’t want to waste precious time and budget, go to Redmineflux. Start right away with the user-friendly application and launch your Gantt chart, Kanban board, checklists, or detailed tracking of team workload and timesheet.