Redmineflux vs. Asana: A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Many business founders dream of building the killer app and getting a unicorn valuation; while this dream became true for a handful of entrepreneurs, the opposite happened to the rest. Let’s face it: building an application from scratch is a tough job since it requires business skills, financial knowledge, and project management skills. This last one is critical for delivering any valuable solution on time and within budget. After searching for a while on the Internet, you may ask yourself: is there a powerful project management tool that can give you superpowers? 

Besides the fact that the project management tool marketplace is full of various solutions, finding the right solution for your company is challenging. According to the analysis made by Lionel Sujay Vailshery (Statista 2023), functionality is the most crucial factor in choosing a project management tool for over 40% of practitioners. Then “ease of use” and price come into the picture. The perfect management tool incorporates issue creation and tracking over Kanban boards, timeline management view (Gannt charts), workflow customization, dashboard and reporting, team collaboration, and integration with other third-party applications (DevOps, repositories, and document management). 

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If you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone! Every project manager occasionally faces the question: which management tool to choose? We will discuss in today’s post the features of Asana, a well-known project management tool, and the Asana open source alternative, Redmineflux. 

Asana: Project management tool Focused on Cross-team Collaboration

Asana is a cloud-based project management tool launched in 2011 by Moskovitz and Rosenstein, who previously worked at Facebook. The Asana project management tool was developed with cross-team collaboration at its core. It allows users to transparently visualize the work items over the Kanban board, track and monitor task status, and manage resources to identify project bottlenecks. Further, the user interface makes it easier for a new user to get up and running without any special training. Moreover, Asana incorporates a business level for strategic planning, so organization goals can be clearly defined, prioritized, and further broken down into issues that project managers can track with real-time reports over the whole organization.

The Program Managers, Project Managers, and developer teams can collaborate seamlessly over Asana to live out an agile organization. As an experienced project manager, you will immediately sense Asana’s intuitive design, which integrates plans, tasks and collaboration seamlessly. Moreover, Asana brings integration to a new level, allowing users to integrate over 200 third-party applications such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Drive and Salesforce.  

Redmineflux: Project Management Tool for SMEs

Redmineflux is an innovative project management tool designed to extend the open-source Redmine platform. Redmineflux cloud solution is designed for speed and dynamic startups and small and medium-sized businesses. Startups and small businesses grow fast and are under tremendous pressure to find market fit, ever-changing processes, and constantly new employees. Redmineflux fits small business needs perfectly since it is flexible, customizable, and grows with the company. 

Redmineflux plugins leverage your project management skill set with agile boards, dashboards  and time tracking. Project managers must have everything in one place and avoid constantly jumping from one application to another and suddenly discovering issues that need to be updated. Redmineflux integrates trackability over issues and a DevOps system to increase project productivity. Moreover, the project manager’s main task is to communicate achievements clearly. Redmineflux brings an out-of-the-box comprehensive task visibility tool to support your data-driven division process.  

How do you choose the right project management tool for your needs?

A crucial project manager’s decision is choosing the proper tool to make or break your project and, eventually, your company. The decision is difficult since many factors need to be considered. From company size to traceability of issues, third-party integration, user interface, and the price model. We want to guide you through the decision process so you can make an informed decision. Although tools like Asana are well-known since they have been on the market for a long time, we will show you that there is an Asana replacement for product management and workflow automation. 

Asana Important Features

  • Goals: Asana goes beyond agile development, bringing a strategy-level feature. It is ideal for medium to large-size organizations and portfolio management.
  • Boards: Kanban works to support issue and task tracking.
  • Gantt chart: drag-and-drop timeline visualization of cross-team tasks.
  • Reporting:  Asana features are well interconnected, so progress is visualized over structured dashboards.
  • App Integration: Asana supports over 200 application integrations, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Drive.
  • Automation: Asana helps project managers automate customized workflows so the project tasks stay focused and there is less administrative overhead. 
  • Workload: tracks the workload across teams so everyone keeps engaged. 
  • Asana Intelligence: a new Asana feature for supporting decision-making based on AI.

Redmineflux Important Features

  • Issue tracking: fundamental feature, and Redmineflux creates a new experience for project managers. The user interfaces make it easier for project managers, teams, and administrators to follow the project status.   
  • Agile boards and Gantt charts: Have you ever heard the question, “When will the feature be delivered?”. No worries; Redmineflux has you covered. Kanban boards are interconnected with Gantt charts, so you can track your deadlines and never miss one again. 
  • Project management: The main goal of a project manager is to deliver value as fast as possible to its customers. Project managers can use Redmineflux to define targets and monitor progress through an user-friendly interface. 
  • Collaboration tools: Communication is most important in a fast-paced environment. Therefore, Redmineflux integrates features for commenting and tagging your team members so everyone is on the same page. 
  • Reporting: The tool offers project managers features to make decisions based on project data, how the team performs, and showcase results. 
  • Integrations: Today’s world is dominated by a heterogeneous ecosystem. Redmineflux developers have that in mind, so the API integration allows users to connect Slack, GitHub, and Salesforce to increase productivity.

Feature Comparison of Redmineflux vs. Asana




Issue tracking

Creation of issues or tasks and assign them to team members.

Issue tracking option integrated with Kanban board.

Agile boards and Gantt Charts

Supports Kanban-style boards and workflow management.

Standard Kanban board which can be customized based on customer workflow.

Project management

Creation projects, define objectives and monitor their completion progress.

Goal feature – supports strategic level goals.

Collaboration tools

Tools for collaboration, such as commenting, tagging, and notifications.

Asana supports multi-collaboration with e-mail notification.


Plugin reporting tools for team workload, timesheet, and custom dashboard.

Real-time visualization for the issues status. Workload is also possible.

Mobile Apps

Not available.

iOS and Android.


Slack, GitHub and Salesforce.

+200 Application.


Redmine Essential Combo is available for $129 per month.

Free limited edition. Premium starts at $13.49 monthly. However, the business version (feature customization) costs $30.39 monthly.


Advantages of Asana

Asana is well known in the startup scene for its appealing user interface, which makes it easy to use by developers and project managers alike. The real-time traceability of issues and tasks gives project managers insights if the project is on track. Likewise, Asana is moving into the strategy decision-making process, helping funders and business owners to define strategic goals. Application interconnects goals with operational tasks and team workload, all in one application. Additionally, Asana takes across-team collaboration to a new level, inside the application through tagging or integrating third-party apps such as MS Teams or Google Drive. 

Advantages of Redmineflux

If you are a project manager frustrated by the simplicity of Asana, and you are challenged by a complex project ecosystem then Redmineflux might be what you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for an Asana alternative with Gantt charts, automation, or just an user-friendly interface. Redmineflux is an excellent option if you run a startup or small business since it has been designed on the open-source Redmine (no vendor-locking) and it offers a plugin extension model, so the project manager pays for features they need. 

Although price is not everything, the intuitive user interface makes onboarding exciting and quick, especially for users coming from classical toolchains such as Atlassian. There is no better motivation than getting up and running in a few minutes without endless training. 

Redmineflux supports DevOps integration (CI/CD pipeline), making developers and project managers work together on the technical and business sides. The real-time tracking of issues and timesheets makes your project fly like a rocket. Redmineflux Plugins are designed for innovative minds and industry experts, so you can track team workload, monitor the project status and collaborate in real-time so no deadline is missed and you can deliver product features as fast as customers think of it. 

Does Asana Software have any drawbacks?

So, why should project managers worry about looking for Asana alternatives for startups or even Asana compared with alternatives? While Asana offers a wide range of features from a strategic point of view and project monitoring and team workload, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Asana supports basic features for simple projects; however, once your project becomes complex, the feature drawbacks will hold your project back. 

Asana allows just the individual assignment of issues to a single user, which makes sense. However, as a project manager, sometimes you need to be practical, and two developers need to work together on a complex issue, so Asana needs to catch up in this case. Nevertheless, for Asana replacement for workflow automation, a central feature is time tracking, and here is where Redmineflux shines over Asana as an alternative for startups. Redmineflux builds exactly on this feature, which directly affects your project outcomes and the business bottom line. 

Last, the intuitive user interface implies, by no means, that your team members do not need any training at all. While the Asana interface is well designed, you must still qualify users trained in classical software like Jira. Finally, the Asana software is a proprietary solution, and if you try to migrate to a different toolchain, you will feel the pain of Asana’s missing export function. 


In this blog post, we have presented a comparison of Asana features against Redmineflux. Asana offers excellent flexibility, such as a Kanban board, tracking task status and managing resource status. Furthermore, the user interface makes Asana easier for a new user to get up and running without any special training, and Asana Software is moving into the business level for strategic planning and AI-supported features. However, although Asana offers a wide range of features from a strategic point of view, project monitoring, and team workload, the drawbacks are painful. Asana falls short as the project complexity explodes and does not offer any time-tracking features.

On the other hand, Redmineflux with its plugin approach offers customers a tailored solution that adapts to the company’s growth. Likewise, Redmineflux, the Asana replacement for workflow automation, offers a time-tracking and timesheet feature that will positively impact your business bottom line. Take your time while deciding which project manager tool best fits your business, and remember that it is not only a matter of prices but also of feature complexity and tracking project productivity in real-time and for sure Redmineflux Plugins has you covered and will offer you the exact feature set your business needs to thrive and succeed. Best of luck!