Redmineflux vs ClickUp: ClickUp Project Management Alternatives

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Project Management is a stressful job, and it becomes even more challenging when you need to consolidate data over multiple IT systems. As a project manager, you want immediate project progress, without waiting. You want your team to perform at a high level, delivering value and not getting stuck in endless meetings.

Redmine vs ClickUp: A Project Management Tool Comparison

Suppose you are an avid ClickUp user; you know its flexibility, capabilities, and drawbacks. In this blog post, we will discuss ClickUps features and introduce you to one of ClickUp substitutes for IT teams, Redminflux. Additionally, we compare both solutions in detail so you can decide which solution fits your organization best.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn:
-The main features of ClickUp, advantages and disadvantages
-An efficient ClickUp alternative solution, Redminflux

Redmineflux v/s ClickUp - a Brief Comparison


Redmineflux is a cutting-edge platform that streamlines project management and makes managing projects more accessible and efficient. Redmineflux was designed for agile practitioners to increase productivity, enable team collaboration, and automate workflows. Redmineflux provides basic project management functionalities such as issue creation, to-do list, and agile Kanban board. Redmineflux offers advanced functionality such as timesheet and workload monitoring that can be extended depending on the organization’s requirements.

Redmineflux was developed on the open-source essential project management Redmine, improving its features and functionalities. Redmineflux puts agile boards, to-do lists, and roadmaps together, simplifying the project manager’s job. The solution has powerful out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities to aggregate team data and get a real-time picture of project progress.

Redmineflux’s competitive advantage is the solution modularity, which allows customers to scale up and down operations according to their demands. Redminflux plugins extend the functionalities according to your organization’s goals. Therefore, the solution fits small business’s needs ideally since it is flexible, customizable, and grows with the company.


ClickUp is a highly customizable project management tool for running and monitoring project tasks. Many industries use ClickUp for project management, sucha as, software development, marketing, and entertainment. The end-to-end solution allows users to handle their tasks and deadlines and track progress all in one place. The design has in mind a hub for team collaboration, goal tracking, whiteboard ideation, and document storage. Additionally, ClickUp is a customer-centric company that releases new features that customers request.

Over 2 million teams worldwide use Clickup to collaborate and bring projects on track. Whether you are in software development or education, ClickUp offers a highly customizable interface to fit your industry-specific workflows. It centralizes all project-related communication (documentation, drafts, whiteboards, and brainstorming ideas) on the hub. Furthermore, ClickUp supports process automation without code for different company roles, such as new employee onboarding, IT requests, and travel expense reports.

Redmineflux and ClickUp Features Comparison

Project managers looking for the best alternatives to ClickUp should look at the comparison since we will discuss project tool features, monitoring capabilities, collaboration, compatibility, integration, and finally, the pricing model.





Project Management Tools

ClickUp view (Agile Board or Box view). Also, workload distribution.

Plugins include Gantt Chart, Agile Board, Checklist, Workload, and Timesheet.

Monitor & Tracking

is highly flexible, with +50 widgets for customization. Goal, milestone, and pulse tracking

Tracking and monitoring out-of-the-box.

Collaboration tools

Issue assignment, send/receive option on tasks. Attachment of Docs (reviewing possible)

Mentioning with @ to assign team members.


Desktop (Windows, Mac), web and mobile (Android and IOS)

Web Application.


+ 1000 tools native integration (Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox). Voice communication is possible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Several Plugins, plus Redmine third-party such as GitHub, Google Calendar and BitBucket


ClickUp Free Forever

ClickUp Unlimited ($5 per user, per month) – small teams

ClickUp Business ($12 per user, per month) – medium-sized organizations

ClickUp Business Plus ($19 per user, per month) multiple teams and advanced features

ClickUp Enterprise (Contact ClickUp) –very large businesses and enterprise-level features and support

Each plugin alone is free to $399. Plugins Combo essential for $949 and Plugins Combo complete for $1949

Project Management Tools

ClickUp allows users to configure their view on the project, either Agile Board or Box view, for grouping your Boards in one view. ClickUp views provide a perspective on the project tasks. You can visualize the workload distributed among team members, list open tasks, or create calendar views. Similarly, Redmineflux plugins provide many user-friendly and out-of-the-box features for creating tasks, Kanban boards, and describing roadmaps.

Monitoring and Tracking

ClickUp is highly flexible and can be customized according to the specific workflow in a project. Custom fields, task statuses, and dashboards allow users to interconnect project data and create effective reporting. More than 50 Widgets are available for building a custom dashboard to visualize goals, milestones, and pulse (track team activity). Also, ClickUp allows time-tracking to monitor time spent on tasks and mark billable time.

Redmineflux enables reporting on a high level with Gantt charts and checklists or in a more detailed tracking with plugins for workload and timesheet. So, project managers can identify overloaded team workers and distribute the workload among the team members.

Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration is critical to moving the project forward; Therefore, project tools should encourage communication. ClickUp offers issue assignments to single or multiple team members, and a chat view enables team members to discuss hot topics. Clickup brings email capabilities from the tasks view, so communication goes with the project. ClickUp Docs allows you to attach project-relevant meetings wikis and review and comment on attached files.

In the same fashion, Redmineflux enables collaboration with task assignments and notifications. Users can quickly inform other team members about relevant information, changes, or discussions. The plugins can be configured to trigger e-mail notifications.


ClickUp delivers applications for Desktop (Windows, Mac), web, and mobile (Android and IOS). Moreover, Clickup brings intelligent assistants to voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant. Redmineflux offers an intuitive and user-friendly web application.


The key to increasing productivity is to bring all information together, even for already standard systems. ClickUp brings native integration with Slack (team communication), GitHub (Pull requests management), and Hubspot (automate and streamline workflows). Additionally, it is possible to integrate external cloud storage from Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. More than 1000 tools can be connected to clickUp.
Likewise, Redmineflux offers a wide variety of Plugins, and users can access the Redmine third-party plugin for integration with applications such as GitHub, Google Calendar, and BitBucket.


ClickUp has a complex price structure split up into four categories: ClickUp Free Forever (max. 100 MB storage), ClickUp Unlimited ($5 per user, per month) for small businesses, ClickUp Business ($12 per user, per month) for medium-sized businesses and ClickUp Business Plus ($19 per user, per month) for multiple teams and advanced features. Further, ClickUp Enterprise (Contact ClickUp) supports large businesses and high customization. Correspondingly, Redmineflux offers several Plugins for free to $399 for Plugins like Timesheet or Workload. Moreover, Redmineflux offers Plugins Combo from $949, an essential package, to $1949, All Plugins Combo.

ClickUp Project Management Alternative Redmineflux?

Advantages of Redmineflux

The intuitive Redmineflux user interface makes onboarding fascinating and quick since it works on the same principle as other commercial project management tools. The reactive theme makes Redmineflux appealing to users, enriching the project management experience and getting them up and running in a few hours. 

Redmineflux modular plugins portfolio fits organizations of several sizes, from small businesses to large organizations. Essential features, such as Kanban board, issue templates, and Gantt Charts, are available out of the box. Advanced features such as Workload and Timesheet bring your game to a new level, allowing you to track productivity in your team 

You don’t need to worry about vendor-locking, Redmineflux is based on the open-source project Redmine, which is extensively supported by the community.

Further, Redmineflux aggregates project status into the roadmap level, giving you real-time status on the project. Last, the Redmineflux DevOps plugins seamlessly integrate CI/CD pipeline tooling with tasks and issues, giving project managers a detailed overview of the project.     

Advantages of Clickup

Clickup is a highly customizable solution for small to big organizations. Users can create custom dashboards to view and track progress.

Although immensely versatile, the ClickUp interface is very intuitive. Dashboards are designed to allocate all tasks and activities in one place.

One point to note is the robust collaboration capabilities. From essential mentions and task assignments to emails on tasks, ClickUp is a powerful tool for team collaboration.

Reporting and time-tracking features make it easier for ClickUp users to monitor team productivity and team performance.

Integration is a central feature of ClickUp, over 1000 native integrations of third-party tools are available, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive and Zapier.

Redmineflux and ClickUp - Which is Cost Effective?

Clickup pricing models are very competitive and are structured to serve different customer segments, from small to large businesses. Let’s have a detailed look at the pricing model:

  • ClickUp Free Forever (max. 100 MB storage): includes custom views, sprint board, email for 100 uses, and 50 native integrations.
  • ClickUp Unlimited ($5 per user, per month): designed for small businesses, includes unlimited features, plus resource management (workload view), and email for one account (unlimited use), agile reporting and live chat support.
  • ClickUp Business ($12 per user, per month): unique and tailored for medium-sized businesses, includes a timeline and mind map views, unlimited temas, two free email accounts (2$/month for any additional), advanced reporting, and SSO security capabilities.
  • ClickUp Business Plus ($19 per user per month): for multiple teams across the organization, it includes team sharing, custom capacity workload, and advanced features such as role creation and permission management.
  • ClickUp Enterprise (Contact ClickUp):  offers support to large businesses and high customization, which includes Team Sharing, enterprise API, advanced security (customed SAML) and additional roles, GDPR. Additionally, a special support team manages employees’ training and support.

In comparison, Redmineflux offers Plugins for free to $399 or a package called Plugins Combo. Plugins Combo started from $949 for essential features to $1949 for All Plugins Combo. Depending on the organizational needs, the Redmineflux Combo option will deliver a cost-effective solution. 

Redmineflux or ClickUp - Which is Better?

All in all, Clickup is a versatile project management tool that offers highly customized views on project tasks, issues, and to-dos. The use cases for Clickup go from education and marketing to software development. ClickUp offers collaboration tools to integrate communication into the project management workflow; for example, project managers can send emails directly from a task or review attached files. However, this level of customization comes with a compromise, The learning curve for new users is steep and requires patience and energy that can be used in the project. 

A top ClickUp alternative for small teams is Redmineflux, which offers the same functionalities at a lower cost. Continuously training your team members to use a project management tool is time lost for your project, so consider Redmineflux for your project management. The well-designed and easy-to-use interface fascinates and surprises your team and stakeholders.