Redmineflux vs Open Project : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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The importance of project management software these days can’t be overstated. When choosing the right software and provider, every part of the business is guaranteed to run smoothly. Project management software allows users to properly plot out their project planning from the smallest to the most important aspect. Thus, investing in this software became a necessity for most people, given everyone’s interconnected these days online.  From online shopping, food delivery, socializing, and booking a plane ticket to browsing for information, you can do virtually anything online.  With this kind of software, businesses, groups, and organizations can easily streamline their project workflows and breeze through the more complex and time-consuming tasks.  However, utilizing project management software has more to it than meets the eye.It comes as a Software-as-a-Service these days and it’s one of the most in-demand services these days for many reasons.

According to Devsquad’s 2024 statistics, SaaS is currently worth over $197 billion and can grow to $232 billion in 2024. That staggering amount is a testament to project management software’s importance to many these days. One known project management software provider is Open Project. This Berlin, Germany-based company offers pretty much the same features as the most common project management software anyone can find in the market. However, there is always a better alternative to Open Project, and that is Redmineflux. With that in mind, let’s take a deep dive and explore Redmineflux and Open Project. So, upon finishing reading this article you will be more equipped with the right knowledge in choosing the best project management software that best fits your needs.

Redmineflux vs. Open Project Complete Comparison You Must Know

What is Open Project?

Open Project is a popular project management software that runs on an open-source application and in a web-based form. This software launches on the GNU Version 3. It can be downloaded through its community edition, while an enterprise edition provides more features at a price. It was launched in 2012 by its developers in Berlin, Germany.  Today, Open Project houses over a hundred SaaS experts and developers who continue to run this highly capable project management software.

Open Project allows its users to communicate and collaborate on projects without interruption from previous project ideas. Its features allow users to gather ideas specific to the project scope and deliverables. Like most capable project management software, users can set up a project, document pitched ideas and suggestions, establish project descriptions, and invite members with ease. Also, it’s an on-premises deployable software, making it convenient for all business sizes across different industry verticals. Since it’s a Europ-based SaaS provider, Open Project features over 30 languages, giving it an edge for diversity. It also runs with the licensed GNU GPL V3, a source code from GitHub published freely. 

What is Redmineflux?

Let’s move on to Redmineflux. Redmineflux harnesses its power from the open-source Redmine. It takes pride in offering its all-in-one project management software that features over 18 plugins and 2 themes. One of Redmineflux’s main goals is to provide enhanced user experience not just from its source code and plugins, but also its core capabilities. Its robust, intuitive features allow users to take full control regardless of the number of projects simultaneously, eliminating the complexity of workflows and processes. Moreover, its extensive features and plugin library ensure to cover a wide array of functionalities such as task management and improved collaboration, which translates to overall project efficiency. Users won’t get bored utilizing the platform as it offers quirky and colorful themes, providing them with a fresh appearance for improved visual engagement. 

Similar to most project management software available in the market, Redmineflux designed its platform for businesses of all sizes. However, its project management software solution comes with a fraction of the cost, making it an ideal investment for small businesses such as startups and SMEs. Users enjoy a worry-free experience because of its meticulous and cutting-edge design and development that surpasses the average project management software available today. With all that in mind, Redmineflux stands out among other notable project management software because of its commitment to providing not just the ultimate user experience. It also makes room for innovation along with the advancements in technology, making Redmineflux one of the best Open Project competitors today.

Redmineflux vs. Open Project: Side-by-Side Table Comparison

It’s a no-brainer that technology heavily influences how organizations and businesses work these days.

As more and more people adapt to technology, a bunch of software companies promise to transform the dynamics of workflows and processes with their project management software and other SaaS services.

With that in mind, let’s scrutinize this informative table that compares Redmineflux and Open Project for a better understanding of its features and other aspects. 



Open Project


Redmineflux offers Mention, Tag, and Inline Editor plugins for free and Additional plugins from $49 to $499. It also offers the combo packages from $1695 to $3786 as per the requirements of the organizations.


Comes with a free but very limited community price, while the basic service comes at $7.25/per user. It also has a professional and premium service at $13.50 and $19.50 per user. Its corporate service depends on the number of users, which costs around $20,000 (250 users and above) a year. 


  • Gantt Chart
  • Workload
  • Timesheet
  • Time Tracker Desktop App
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Agile Board
  • Knowledge Base
  • Bug Reporting
  • Issue Template
  • Checklist
  • Inline Editor
  • Mentions
  • Tags Plugin
  • Testcase Management
  • Help Desk
  • DevOps
  • Project Template
  • Export Issues
  • Project Management Tools
  • Work packages (issues) table and editing
  • Gantt charts
  • Boards
  • Team planner
  • Document management
  • Notifications
  • Documentation, support, and training

User Interface

Boasts an easy-to-use interface with customizable features. It aids proactive coordination, while focusing on project resources smoothly. 

Features a comprehensive user guide manual and instructions, including videos and visuals on how to get started. Its user guide comes in three languages: English, French, and German. 


Utilizes third-party plugins such as Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, Google Calendar, DropBox, and One Drive for a more optimized experience. 

Open Project uses GitHub and NextCloud to integrate its platform. It allows users to improve communication and collaboration, especially in document-sharing processes. 

Monitor & Tracking

Utilizes Time Tracker desktop app and Timesheet plugin to gather valuable insights, impacting project success. 


Has features for manual progress, status-based progress, and work package hierarchy. 



The Redmineflux features the Time Tracker Desktop App for user flexibility. At the same time, its theme compatibility allows users to customize the appearance of their dashboard. It has pre-built and custom themes with plugin support compatible with most browsers. On top of that, it’s compatible with Windows and Linux. 

Web-based app compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. 


Open Project Key Features

Here is a comprehensive list of all the key features of Open Project for your reference. 

  • Data Protection- Open Project’s ability for on-premises deployment and 100% data ownership is a huge plus for this brand’s project management platform. With this kind of feature, users have full control of their data ownership and its whatnot, without any external influence for complete data protection.


  • Security- It also offers security features that are regularly updated for peace of mind. It has a robust security and protection feature for the users’ data. It has data encryption, password security, definition of session runtime, and two-factor authentication.


  • Runs as a free and open source software- Open Project is designed through a free and open source software where the user has the freedom to operate, share, modify, and study the platform without limitations.


  • European Union (EU) hosted- Since Open Project is based in Berlin, Germany, it’s a no-brainer that its clients are mostly from the European Union. Thus, its enterprise cloud servers are within the EU region. It also means that the data stored is on an EU-based secured server.


  • Accurate and efficient Project planning- Open Project features shared timelines that users can activate. With this kind of feature, users can level up their experience and creativity for improved collaboration and project visualization.


  • Kanban, Scrum, and Agile Boards- These highly popular boards are enjoyable for all users in Open Project’s user dashboard. With this kind of feature, users can enjoy more agile project management through these boards.

Redmineflux Key Features

Now it’s Redmineflux’s turn to showcase some of its key features with this comprehensive list to read below before you sign up now with its available packages: 

  • Agile Board and Gantt Chart- Two of the most sophisticated features you must look for in a capable project management software are found in Redmineflux. The Agile Board provides a well-structured overview of a project’s tasks. It divides these tasks into smaller and less complex workflows for everyone’s productivity. Meanwhile, the Redmineflux Gantt Chart offers improved visualization and illustration of completed works and milestones of a project. Thus, it’s easier for users to track progress while assigning resources and tasks better.
  • Custom dashboard- Users have the freedom to customize their dashboards for convenience and a fully personalized touch. Also, a customized dashboard offers users a complete performance overview and the overall project status. Most importantly, this feature offers users real-time and more comprehensive insights, enabling them better decision-making and quicker solutions.


  • Tags and Mentions- Redmineflux provides easy labeling and organizing of tasks, comments, and sections for better and more logical categories related to clients, teams, and more. Also, Redmineflux’s tag feature allows users to classify, prioritize, and filter works and tasks with ease. On the other hand, its mentioned feature can easily call out users within the project either through chat or comments. It’s completely helpful for notification and getting everyone’s attention about a discussion or a task at hand.


  • Templates- Redmineflux boasts integrated and customizable project templates to help different kinds of businesses. Redmineflux can be customized and can be tailored to accommodate a project’s unique requirements.


  • Timesheet- This crucial feature is also present with Redmineflux’s project management software keeps and tracks work both accomplished and pending for productivity and efficiency. This feature is crucial in getting a clearer idea of the workload of everyone involved with the project.


  • Workload- Redmineflux’s innovative resource management feature allows users for a more efficient work distribution among team members. It comes with a chart providing the users an idea of the workload assigned to each team member who is either free, occupied, or overloaded.
  • Knowledge Base- Redmineflux simplifies messy and complicated documentation with its knowledge base feature. It helps users build a more efficient knowledge base for better and more organized documentation.
  • Testcase Management- Redmineflux boasts a feature you can’t find in other project management software: Testcase Management. This easy-to-use feature is a robust organizer that streamlines and manages plans, executions, and test cases. It’s developed to eliminate error-prone human effort, ensuring accurate and comprehensive testing, making Redmineflux the best alternative to Open Project.

Bonus Content: Common Errors in Choosing a Project Management Software

Before deciding which between Redmineflux and Open Project is your company’s official project management software, take some time to read this short but comprehensive list of the most common mistakes you must avoid when choosing a project management software. 

  • Doesn’t meet your business’s needs– It’s very common these days that buyers fail when choosing a project management software to outline their company’s list of requirements. Regardless of how powerful a project management software you buy, if you don’t have an idea what it’s for, then it completely defeats your purpose of investing in one. So, always identify your business’s weak and strong points to determine the wants and needs addressable by project management software.


  • Preventing stakeholders from feedback- Shutting out your stakeholders in providing their feedback on the requirements is a serious pitfall you must avoid. It’s another common mistake people commit when they invest in project management software. Many people assume that the project management software they bought comes as an all-in-one package, assuming it comes with all the features your team needs. Thus, it’s best to buy project management software with the approval of every stakeholder of your project. It benefits them if all features make their job a lot easier.

  • Not Doing Enough Research– Many people fall under the impression that all project management software they can buy has the same user interface and features. The bad news is that each project management software you bumped into has unique traits and features, with some too complicated for newbie users. At the same time, some have too simple a user interface that ends up lacking features. For example, your preferred project management software comes with agile boards for easier navigation and project tracking. Still, it lacks the resource management tools for assigning and project monitoring. With that in mind, always invest in project management software that offers a customized plan package so it suits your company’s size, budget, and requirements.

  • Planning and buying in a preoccupied time- Lastly, many people select their project management software without dedicating an allocated time to focus on it alone. Some choose their project management software in the middle of a busy period of their company, such as peak months in operations if the user runs a business. This kind of mistake commonly leads to companies replacing their project management software in a short time. According to Capterra’s recent software buyers report, over 56% of businesses who made recent software purchase ends up replacing them with a new one. So, make it a habit to include it in your marketing calendar when selecting a project management software so it will be included as one of your priority projects. A dedicated time with these results to a more careful selection.

What’s best for you? Redmineflux or Open Project?

Now that you’re at the last portion of this article, it’s time to decide. No doubt, Open Project is a highly capable project management software; it has the needed features an ideal SaaS has. It’s also been operating in the industry for quite a while now. Open Project boasts features such as Agile and Gantt Boards, which are essential for efficient workflow in project management software. Plus, it utilizes third-party plugins for integration, among other features. However, many users take a step back in choosing Open Project for one good reason — availability.

Open Project mainly caters to companies/businesses/organizations based in the European Union. Thus, it’s hard to decide to choose this SaaS since the EU has its own unique business and work environment that might not be entirely suitable for other regions such as North America, Asia, and Australia. Whereas Redmineflux has over 18 plugins and 2 themes users can enjoy without sacrificing too much on price.  It has a diverse set of tools and features, allowing users to customize their experience depending on their unique work environment and operations. Most importantly, users don’t need to worry about certain features only applicable to certain regions since Redmineflux designed its project management software for diversity and flexibility. With all these in mind, you already know who has the upper hand. Still, it’s completely up to you which of Redmineflux and Open Project is the best project management tool for business.