Redmineflux vs Chanty : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Comparing two or even more project management software is essential to picking the best one that suits a company, business, or organization. Being loyal to one brand isn’t one’s fault in the world of consumerism. However, it’s a completely different story in the world of Software-as-a-Service. There are plenty of considerations to consider before choosing the project management software that provides you with not just your company’s needs but also bonus features and perks. With that in mind, let’s talk about Redmineflux and Chanty. 

These are two of the most capable and in-demand project management software in the market these days. At the end of this article, you’re guaranteed to learn plenty of fascinating facts about these two project management software to help you decide which is better between them. Also, you’ll learn handy tips to help you in your project management software buying journey. Ultimately, you’ll learn if Redmineflux is a capable alternative for Chanty or not.

Redmineflux vs Chanty Which has the upper hand

What is Chanty?

To start, Chanty is a project management software designed for improved communication and innovative design. It takes pride in its seamless user experience. The tech company that developed Chanty was founded in the United States and has been operating since 2017. It aims to help teams and businesses streamline communication with its features, such as unlimited message history and collaboration tools for improved productivity and workflow. With that in mind, Chanty’s user experience focuses on instant video and voice calls. Users have the freedom to create messaging channels, archive conversation threads, add or remove members, and assign administrators to certain rules for better organization. 

Some of its notable features include message pinning, member highlighting, and messaging thread initiation that guarantees users context-based discussions. Also, team members have the freedom to track and manage tasks by creating subtasks on their user dashboard. It also includes priority tasks, due dates, and to-do lists on top of its versatile video and call messaging application in one platform. 

To add more, users can enjoy search and filter features to view profiles of specific members, messages, tasks, and communication channels similar to other message-oriented project management software. 

Like most capable project management software available in the market, Chanty facilitates integration by utilizing numerous third-party plugins and applications such as GitHub, Asana, Dropbox, and Google Drive. By having these third-party plugins and applications, everyone can enjoy an improved user experience. In fact, Chanty has been compared to Slack with a rating of 4.71 out of five stars, while Slack slightly trailed with a 4.66 rating.

What is Redmineflux?

Redmineflux is a project management tool designed as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service and is considered the best alternative to ChantyThis Dover, Delaware-based SaaS company takes pride as a rising competitor in the project management software industry for its highly-capable platform. It helps businesses facilitate improved project tracking, team collaboration, overall progress, and more. Redmineflux also takes pride in its flexibility as it’s easily deployed on-premises for Windows and Linux. With all that in mind, Redmineflux is a robust and intuitive project management software designed to help not just businesses but also teams/organizations manage a wide array of projects more easily and efficiently. 

Redmineflux sets itself apart from the rest by eliminating the limitations of most project management software in the market. Its developer, Zehntech, constructed Redmineflux to offer a more affordable but feature-rich project management software that businesses of all sizes benefit from. Redmineflux always keeps in mind three important aspects for its users – Cost, Time, and quality. Not just that, this project management software continues to involve innovation in mind to meet the changing demands of users today and in the future. Overall, Redmineflux connects the gap in the market without limitations. At the same time, it ensures all users an affordable price for its starting package, ideal for small and medium-sized companies. Moreover, you can start a free demo with Redmineflux.

Redmineflux vs Chanty: A Brief Comparison

To give you a deeper understanding of Redmineflux and Chanty’s features, here is a comprehensive list of its features, aspects, and pricing in table form.




Project Management Tools

Uses top-notch plugins such as Agile Board, Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, Workload, Timesheet, and more. The custom dashboard was also added. 

Has video calls and a messaging app. It also comes with the Kanban view for better task viewing. Other notable features include audio calls. 

Monitor & Tracking

Users can monitor overall project progress and member tasks through Timesheet and Time Tracker Desktop application.

Has a proprietary task management tool along with alerts and notifications.

Collaboration tools

Features like mentions, tags, comments, workloads, and issue templates improve communication and collaboration.

Has conference calls, team chat application, group tasks, and file distributor. 


Compatible with Windows and Linux. It can also be deployed on-premises since it’s a cloud-based platform. 

Like Redmineflux, Chanty is a cloud-based SaaS platform compatible with both Mac and Windows. 


Redmine’s integrated third party plugins such as Google Workspace, GitHub, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and BitBucket. 

Chanty offers integrated third-party plugins such as Tasks, Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier, and One Drive.


You can buy as many plugins as you want starting at $99/month. Its higher-tier packages that come with more plugins and features are priced at $499/month. 

It comes with a free plan for teams with less than five members, while the business plan starts at $3. However, there’s a caveat, as these packages have limited features and plugins. 

Redmineflux and Chanty Key Features To Take Note

Awesome! Now that you’re finished browsing through the table comparison between Redmineflux and Chanty let’s move on to each of its key features.

Listing down each of these two project management software’s key features will further enlighten your decision in choosing the best project management tool for your business.

Chanty Notable Features

  • Chanty Videoplay- Chanty’s main feature, its videoplay, allows users to remain organized by harnessing the power of Teambook whether they’re using a computer or mobile device. Teambook is an all-in-one platform that Chanty utilizes for a well-organized conversation, tasks, and pinned messages for all the content you want to share with your team. In addition, this feature is easily accessed through its three-dot menu to use its options.


  • Team chat and collaboration- This app, Chanty boasts, offers teams improved communication and productivity. It provides users with unlimited message history and unlimited conversations. On top of that, it has a video conferencing feature, excellent for group video calls regardless of the number of participants.


  • Built-in Task Manager- Also, Chanty takes pride in its built-in task manager, wherein users can easily connect its Teambook and video conference call applications for more efficiency. In addition, the task manager has built-in features such as message threads, a media content player, one-click member invitations, visual links, file preview, and instant message search.
  • 4k video and audio Video conference calls provide users with crystal clear 4k resolution and audio thanks to its Teambook feature. With this feature, group video conference calls have clearer videos and sounds for improved communication.


  • Kanban Boards- Lastly, Kanban boards add more flexibility, better visuals, and ease of use for everyone through its scrum methodology that manages all tasks in a single place. Chanty users

Redmineflux Notable Features

  • Goal Setting- Redmineflux’s versatile features and user dashboard allow team leaders to set individual goals for team members and even groups for productivity through its collaboration tools.


  • Kanban Board- Like Chanty, Redmineflux offers the Kanban Board for improved workflow organization without sacrificing its user-friendly features. These features you find in a Kanban board include drag-and-drop when moving the cards and slots in between multiple columns and tabs with ease.


  • Gantt Charts- Redmineflux lets users add more visualizations to projects for productivity and accuracy. Users can visualize their project plans using a timeline with scheduled tasks, goals, and tracking to streamline workflow, making it a top project management tool.


  • Agile Board- This sophisticated and well-built feature functions as an overview of all the projects’ tasks across different teams. The Agile Board breaks down the bigger and more complex projects into more manageable and smaller tasks for teams to work flawlessly without distractions.


  • Helpdesk- This feature focuses on clients and customers to reach out to companies with ease. Italignligniimproveproving customer communication since it features a centralized function where team members can receive, reply, filter, and orize to various message requests.


  • Custom Dashboard- Also, Redmineflux gives its users the freedom to customize dashboards to give them a complete performance overview and overall project status. This feature also offers in-depth and real-time tracking reports, providing everyone with critical insights for improved decision-making.
  • Tags and Mentions- Redmineflux boasts collaboration tools such as mentions and tags to foster better communication among team members. These features facilitate seamless labeling and organizing of comments and tasks into more clever categories relevant to the team and their project. Tags and mentions are both useful for filtering, prioritizing, and classifying works for certain tasks.


  • Testcase Management- Redmineflux offers this versatile and easy-to-use exclusive feature that efficiently streamlines and manages test cases, executions, and plans. It’s designed to minimize and, most of the time, prevent human efforts prone to error, ensuring efficiency in testing.


  • Redmineflux Inline editor- Another exclusive exclusive feature that Redmineflux proudly offers is its inline editor. It lets users seamlessly edit any detail or parameter, such as due dates and estimations for every project. Redmineflux Inline editor serves as a plugin that enables flexibility and editing issue without the hassle of switching multiple windows. With all that in mind, Redmineflux earns a spot as one of the best Chanty competitors.

What Features and Qualities to look for in a project management software?

Before ending this, it would be excellent to share some clever tips for comparing different types of project management software.

It’s because some buyers find it daunting to read all these features which most are unfamiliar terms for them, especially simple business owners who run small businesses or startups. 

Even after selecting, the post-implementation of a project management software still poses a set of unique challenges of its own, which creates a necessity for more learning and additional support, which are non-existent. 

According to the Gartner Digital Market tech trends report for 2024, of the 96% of SaaS buyers, 60% of them regretted or experienced dissatisfaction in a year or two because of poor research. 

Thus, let’s walk through these detailed tips before you start a free trial with your preferred project management tool. 

  1. Flexibility- It’s worth noting that everyone works in different and unique ways to manage their respective tasks. The modern project management software available in the market requires multiple views, such as weekly or monthly calendar checklists, to name a few, allowing everyone to see their projects and their requirements to accomplish each. Thus, flexibility is an important feature or rather an aspect when looking for project management software.


  2. Formatting and filters- It’s also important to know what everyone needs, when, and what. Thus, filters and formatting tools for tasks and projects must be easy to use for browsing. This feature is essential since it sorts through information needed and in order to accomplish them.


  3.  Automation- Manually finishing a job in today’s modern world can be daunting. Thus, you must find a project management software that automates manual tasks and for managing projects. With a myriad of moving parts— managing schedules, adjusting tasks, and changing deadlines can be daunting, so it’s imperative to find a project management software that’s designed for automation. When you say automation, it’s all about automated project creation, reminders, and notifications with a few clicks and drags on the dashboard.


  4. Communication Tools- Collaboration stems from proper communication. Without this, even using a project management software will likely end chaotic. Thus, you must find communication and collaboration tools to give your project or your daily business operation a seamless workflow. Some of the best features you must find for communication and collaboration tools are notifications, instant messaging, boards, forms, and mentions.


  5. Project Forms- This feature enables users to customize forms through their project management tool. It’s one excellent way to streamline the project creation process. Also, it’s excellent to gather, organize, and sort data within your organization.


  6. Integration- Integrating third-party plugins is a huge plus for project management software. Always remember that even the best project management software can’t function using only its exclusive features. Thus, always choose the one that integrates third-party plugins such as Google Analytics, Google Calendar, DropBox, GitHub, and HubSpot for efficiency and better workflow.


  7. Customized Workflow – Lastly, workflow customization might be the most important aspect you must find in project management software. It allows users to customize workflows that are tailored to their unique requirements with ease. It’s also effective in accomplishing tasks while minimizing manual input, keeping projects flowing without the need for human intervention.

Which is best for you? Redmineflux or Chanty?

Redmineflux and Chanty have versatile features, each of which has its own strengths and advantages.

After reading through this article, you certainly realize that Chanty might come as a project management software.

However, its features mainly focus on communication and collaboration mainly because of its video conference and instant messaging features. 

It’s because these features were heavily emphasized as their main features rather than their project management tools. 

On the other hand, Redmineflux comes as a complete package as a project management tool boasting over 20 plugins and multiple themes. 

At the same time, Redmineflux offers a wide array of third-party plugins for integration. 

As a project manager or a business owner, you know which one works best for you. 

Redmineflux has more bang for your buck than Chanty.

Still, it’s completely up to you which between Redmineflux or Chanty best suits your project or business needs.