Redmineflux vs Easy Redmine : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Project managers organize resources to achieve project deadlines in a cost-efficient way, and let’s put it clear, it is stressful. Project managers need no additional bottleneck, so project management tools need to perform. According to the experts, the market value for project management software is expected to reach $20,400 Million. As a project manager choosing the right tool is a challenging decision that impacts project performance and budget burnout.
Many software companies want to take a piece of the market. Some software companies are doing a better job than others. Redmine is an open-source application for project management and issue tracking. Redmine extensions, such as Easy Redmine plugins, bring new features to the application to visualize projects, aggregate data into an overview, and track time. Nevertheless, the solution presents some limitations, so we will introduce you to the best alternatives to Easy Redmine. 

If you are looking for an Easy Redmine replacement with automation, then read the present blog. We will introduce Redmineflux, the cost-efficient plugins for project management and issue tracking. The Redmineflux developer team has been designed for agile development, and it works for startups and mid-size companies.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn:
-Redmine platform for project management? What are the missing features?
-Easy Redmine core features and drawbacks
-Redmineflux, an Easy Redmine alternative with custom workflows

Redmineflux vs A Project Management Tool Comparison

Redmine: Platform for Project Management?

Redmine is an open-source application based on Ruby on Rails for project management. The software solution’s primary focus is on project planning and monitoring. Its out-of-the-box features interconnect agile boards, Gantt charts, and custom dashboards. Further, the solution supports version control systems such as git, some versions, and mercurial.

The software runs on-premises, and it really stands out by integrating email updates for issue progress, updates, and user actions. The software solution interconnects all features, so project managers do not need to jump among applications to get tasks’ progress.

Nevertheless, the Redmine user interface is simple and, in comparison to modern project management tools, looks a little outdated. Also, users must understand the terminology and gain the technical expertise to use the platform daily. Remine is challenging to configure, and the community has limited support.

What are the missing features of Redmine matter?

Although Redmine was designed for agile practitioners to increase productivity, enable team collaboration, and automate workflows, the expert user interface makes onboarding laborious. The users need deep technical expertise to work with the software, which creates an entry barrier and reduces project performance. Why waste resources on developing a new application or jumping among applications to get a report?

Redmine platform enables the extension of basic functionalities through third-party plugins. For example, Easy Redmine has developed a plugin for agile management, either Scrum or Kanban. Additionally, CRM and contacts management plugins for monitor sales performance, tracking potential client leads, and quickly linking contacts to project tasks. In the following section, we will describe Easy Redmine’s features and mention some limitations.

Easy Redmine for work management

Easy Redmine integrates the open-source functionalities of Redmine and extends them into a mobile design with valuable plugins and customization. It supports agile project management with sprints, backlogs, tasks, and progress status. Managers can create reports depending on the project role, for example scrum master role provides an overview of the burn-out rate and team performance.

The software solution enables managers to assign tasks based on the real-time capacities of team members and forecast the estimated delivery time. Further, it is designed to automate repetitive tasks and customize views based on roles and permissions, user types, calendars, categories, and scheduled tasks.

A main feature of Easy Redmine is the CRM and contacts management plugins for monitoring sales performance. The features are specially designed to support lead management and integrate finance capabilities seamlessly. The IT solution makes it easy to track project budgets and forecast plans. Managers can visualize cash flow tracking in their Gantt Chart and have an overview of project profitability.

On the downside, Easy Redmine project implementation is challenging depending on the implementation type (Self-hosting is the most challenging one). The price model includes an essentials tier, which costs $5,9 per user per month with limited project management and agile tools. The mid-tier, business, costs $11,90 per user per month for project budgets and expert PM Tools. The third tier, the platform version, costs $23,90 per user per month bringing Easy Redmine’s full potential to a glance including the help desk and ticketing. An enterprise model is available by consultation and it offers a dedicated customer success manager and further service integration.

Also, a challenge for project managers using Easy Redmine is the over-customization making the user interface non-intuitive and cumbersome. Extending the functionalities may need additional third-party software, creating further dependencies that make the maintenance challenging.

Now, you are asking yourself what are the best alternatives to Easy Redmine? We have you covered with Redmineflux, an Easy Redmine alternative with custom workflows. Redmineflux offers a project management solution that offers a cost-efficient collection of plugins for  project planning, task tracking, team collaboration, and workload monitoring.


Redmineflux is a cutting-edge platform that streamlines project work and supports efficient communication. Redmineflux plugins also bring out-of-the-box Roadmaps, Kanban boards, checklists, timesheets, and issue templates. The intuitive interface makes it easy to set up a new project and to get users quickly onboarded. Further, the plugin combos perfectly adapt to the budget needs of startup businesses and middle and big-size organizations.
The software enables the end-to-end view of the deadlines, progression, and resources. The fully customizable boards and mentioning tools make the project work fun. Managers create and update project data in one place. Project managers can track and monitor issues on different levels and instantly take action if needed.
A central feature is the workload and timesheet plugin, which helps managers and team members increase productivity and deliver product increments at a faster pace. The Plugin allows to update task start and due dates based on the resource productivity. Managers can display the information to check the current day workload represented in a timeline area, see workload in full-screen mode, and expand and collapse resources

Common Questions and Concerns about Redmineflux

What are the project management tools?
Project management tools are software applications or platforms designed to help individuals and teams plan, organize, track, and manage projects effectively. These tools typically offer a range of features and functionalities to streamline project workflows and improve collaboration among team members.
How is the monitoring and tracking?
After the project planning phase, or sprint planning phase, the team starts working on the issues, a project manager wants to track the status. The monitoring feature is critical to keep the project on track. Redmineflux enables real-time visualizations of roadmaps and deadlines and tracking goals, tasks, and resources. It makes it easy and simple to identify bottlenecks, immediately take action, and balance out the team workload.
What are the Collaboration tools?
Redmineflux has some plugins for email integration. It allows seamless collaboration and monitoring, sharing updates, and communicating securely within the tool. Additionally, the mention plugin can be configured to trigger e-mail notifications.
What third-party integrations are available?
Redmineflux Plugins extend Redmine platform functionalities and integrate the already existing connectivity to third-party plugins. Relevant Redmineflux integrations include applications such as GitHub (code repository), Google Calendar, and BitBucket.
What is the price model?
Redmineflux offers plugins for free up to $499 or a package called Plugins Combo. Plugins Combo started from $1695 for essential features to $3786 for All Plugins Combo. All Plungins Combo includes fully customizable collaboration plugins and custom Dashboards with Key Metrics.
Also, it integrates task management with Kanban workflows and a drag-and-drop interface. The fantastic point is the features are fully integrated reliably, so every progress is tracked in real-time over the whole project workflow. Moreover, each package has 12 months of updates, support, and bug fixes. After that period, Redemineflux users continue receiving updates for an additional cost of 30% of the combo price.



Easy Redmine 


Project Management Tools 

Plugins include Gantt Chart, Agile Board, Sprint planning, CRM and Contact Marketing leads.

Plugins include Gantt Chart, Agile Board, Sprint planning, Checklist, Workload and Timesheet. 

Monitor & Tracking 


Expense tracking, financial reports, and visualize cash flow and track it over Gantt chart 

Tracking and monitoring out-of-the-box, workload on individual memebers 

Collaboration tools 

sticky note board for communication 

Mentioning with @ to assign team members. 


Web Application. 

Web Application. 


Microsoft Project, Excel, Asana and Zapier and Outlook 

Several Plugins, plus Redmine third-party such as GitHub, Google Calender and BitBucket. 


Essentials: $5,9 per user/ month.  

Platform: $11,90 per user/ month. 

Business $23,90 per user per month 

Each plugin alone from free to $499. Plugins Combo essential for $1695 and all Plugins Combo for $3786 as one time fees.


In the present blog, we have presented the open-source Redmine project management. The solution is designed for multi-project management and issue-tracking capabilities. Redmine main features are issue tracking, Gantt charts, calendars, time tracking, and customizable workflows. While Redmine enables powerful features, its complex interface and complexity make user onboarding long and disappointing.

Popular plugins such as Easy Redmine extend the Redmine functionalities to support the whole project lifecycle, agile project management, and dashboard reporting. The software solution improves Redmine capabilities for CRM and lead management. In particular, budget tracking and forecast planning are awesome features for managers. Moreover, Easy Redmine allows the visualization of cash flow over the timeline and project profitability. However, over-customization and complex project implementation make the software to become non-intuitive and cumbersome.

Now, what project management software like Easy Redmine can you use as a project manager?

Redmineflux is a cutting-edge platform that streamlines project work and supports efficient communication. Redmineflux plugins also bring out-of-the-box Roadmaps, Kanban boards, checklists, timesheets, and issue templates. It also provides a user-friendly interface and goes to the time management level with team workload and timesheet.

The project implementation is fast and without hassle, and in case you have any questions, just contact the support line which is available 24/7. The modular strategy of Redmineflux enables organizations to scale as they grow and extend features with plugin packages. The pricing model is straightforward, the essential combo package costs just $1695 and the all-plugins Combo can be purchased for $3786 per year.

So, if you want a Easy Redmine substitutes for IT teams, go to Redmineflux. Enjoy the full potential of Redmine and take it to the next level with Redmineflux. No matter what work methodology you use, Gantt chart, Kanban board, or checklists, Redmineflux will supports cost-effectively your workflow end-to-end.