Redmineflux vs Kissflow: A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Business Processing Management (BPM) software development and services is one of today’s biggest and fastest-growing industries. 

As proof of its demand and importance in the business world, BPM software’s market size future growth analysis, its current value is USD 8.8 billion in 2020. 

Markets and Markets predicts the PBM market will have a 19.9% CAGR growth from 2023 to 2030.

Thus, more businesses and organizations prefer using PBM software or project management tools.

There are dozens of BPM software available in the market today including Kissflow.

However, project managers and business leaders are keener on choosing alternatives that offer them more than the conventional features.

There’s one BPM software touted as an excellent Alternative to Kissflow —Redmineflux. 

This Dover, Delaware-developed BPM software is a game-changer in the highly demanding and competitive industry. 

With that in mind, Redmineflux is consistently compared to the most popular project management tools or software to provide everyone with broader and better alternatives. 

So, in this article, let’s compare Redmineflux and Kissflow side-by-side with all the essential information of these two known BPM software or project management tools. 

It provides managers, especially newbies, a broader understanding before choosing one that best suits their business requirements. 

After reading this article, you will surefire be more informed about Redmineflux’s and Kissflow’s background, features, benefits, and side-by-side comparison to help you choose the best project management tool for business

Redmineflux vs Kissflow

A Brief About Redmineflux and Kissflow


To start off, Redmineflux offers an innovative solution to streamline project management for businesses of all sizes.

Its developers virtually walked in their client’s shoes to determine the common problems in project management addressable with Redmineflux’s features and services. 

Redmineflux offers a broader and more efficient project management solution. 

It boasts some of the best project management tools for business

It has a robust extension of open-sourced Redmine and features over 12 plugins and two themes to enhance its core capabilities further. 

From a user’s perspective, they will benefit from improved user performance through Redmineflux’s plugins, streamlining complex processes. 

Like most excellent BPM software or project management tools, Redmineflux also features customizable data visualization through its dashboard plugins.

With that in mind, it offers its users self-hosted solutions while allowing unlimited users for project creation at a cost-effective rate. 

Of course, every capable project management solution is a team of dedicated experts passionate about innovation. 

Its team, driven by innovation, aims to provide businesses of all sizes. 

It caters to mega-corporations, enterprises, or SMEs with simplified project management that truly leverages technology. 

One of Redmineflux’s missions is to help organizations in every corner of the world a streamlined and manageable project operations.


On the other hand, Kissflow, a Chennai, India-based cloud-based business-to-business tech company, offers the same services as Redmineflux. 

It’s renowned for its disrupted Software-as-a-Service platforms.

It caters to businesses to ease management processes, workflow automation, and digital marketing services. 

Established in 2003, this firm boasts over 450 workers.

Its bread and butter are its BPM software or project management tools that boast an apps framework that builds dynamic user workflows and applications. 

Its app framework allows users to create a fully customizable dashboard to provide everyone with simple but powerful solutions through its products and services.

Redmineflux vs. Kissflow: A detailed comparison

For this article’s most fascinating part, let’s compare Redmineflux and Kissflow to determine which offers better.

However, you’ll encounter numerous caveats due to each limitation and exclusive features of each organization’s project management tool or BPM software. 

Still, this article will try to be fair for both sides to provide everyone with the best comparison.

The comparisons focus on its project management tools, collaboration tools, integration, compatibility, and pricing. 

For a more detailed comparison, refer to the table below.




(Project Management) 

Project Management Tools

Unlock dozens of features as a subscriber, including Agile Board, Workload, Timesheet, Checklist, customizable templates, Gantt Diagram, Help Desk, Test case Management, DevOps, and Kanban-style boards.

Includes a no-code app builder and Kanban-designed dashboard. Its automation processes include proprietary plugins for form builders, workflow designers, and dynamic assignments with flexible permissions.

Monitor & Tracking

User-friendly, innovative tracking, and monitoring for effective and accurate working hours. Also has intuitive reporting and analytics.

Straightforward low-code platform for workflow management, creation, and customization. 

Collaboration tools

Ability to directly mention assigned team members on the dashboard and ability to assign custom tags for a more tailored experience.  

Offers unique permissions, navigation, and pages depending on customized user roles.  


Web-based application. 

Web-based and mobile-friendly application. 


Uses renowned third-party plugins, including Bug Reporting, Google Calendar, Github, Bitbucket, Jira, Asana, and Slack. 

With seamless connections between external and internal workflows and datasets, including Salesforce, Jira, Slack, and Google Drive. 


Agile Board Plugin $499

Custom Dashboard Plugin $499 

Timesheet Plugin $499

Workload Plugin $499

Bug Reporting Plugin $199

Time Tracker Desktop App Plugin

Issue Template Plugin $99

Checklist Plugin $49

Mentions Plugin (free) 

Tags plugin (free) 

Inline Editor plugin (free) 

The basic plan starts at $1,500/month for internal users and simple use cases. 

Meanwhile, its enterprise plan has customized pricing, including complex cases and private clusters.


Free Trial

Free Demo

Free Trial

Free Demo


Email/Help Desk


Phone Support

24/7 (Live Rep)


Email/Help Desk


Phone Support

24/7 (Live Rep)


Ideal Client Size 

Small businesses, startups, SMEs, enterprises, and large businesses 

Small businesses, startups, SMEs, enterprises, and large businesses





Offers a wide array of templates from third-party plugins with multiple functions and features.

Has self-developed and fully customizable templates with features. 

Key advantages of Redmineflux

Redmineflux draws its capabilities through its wide array of popular and tested plugins and themes.

It’s all combined to develop a powerful project management solution, making it one of the best Kissflow competitors

As everyone knows, project management is key in a business or an organization as it provides sound planning, collaboration, and control in every process and operation. 

It’s where Redmineflux comes in by providing easy-to-use BPM software.

It’s aimed at better resource allocation, timely and error-free decision-making, effective risk mitigation, and better internal and external communication.

With all these benefits, organizations and businesses can reach their objectives while maximizing returns by adapting to the highly-active market conditions. 

Here’s a list of the key advantages of Redmineflux that you must know before you sign up.

  • Efficient project planning and scheduling- Redmineflux assists its clients when creating project plans, setting goals, defining objectives, and establishing scheduled tasks and activities. 
  • Easier task management- It also offers easier task creation, assignment, and tracking, so team members conveniently view their assignments on the dashboard. At the same time, they update their progress and establish collaboration.


  • Centralized collaboration and communication platform- Redmineflux boasts a centralized platform for users to communicate and collaborate. Thus, it’s easier for everyone to share, exchange, and update information and files within its platform.


  • Efficient Resource Allocation- One of its core features is its resource management tool that allocates and manages project resources from materials and equipment to the workforce. It guarantees its users efficient resource utilization when needed.


  • Accurate time tracking and progress monitoring- Users can use Redmineflux’s third-party plugin, Timesheet, to monitor every project member’s tasks and progress. It allows the user to track project timelines, helping them to identify bottlenecks.
  • Accurate budget and cost management- Project managers would be glad to learn that one of Redmineflux’s main features in its BPM software is its accurate tracking of expenses and budget management. It allows project managers not just to monitor but also to make actual cost comparisons on planned budgets.


  • Risk and issue identification- Its BPM software can identify, assess, and manage project issues and risks. It provides the user a systematic and analytic approach in trackin and documenting risks.


  • Data-driven reporting and analytics- Generating important analytic reports is crucial in every project management. Thus, Redmineflux’s BPM software offers its data-driven analytics report to help establish better decisions and project outcomes.


  • Tool integration- Redmineflux’s wide array of integration tools makes its users more productive. Its documentation, time-tracking, and collaboration plugins allow users seamless operation, enhancing overall productivity.


  • Updated Portfolio management- Its portfolio management features help update the overall progress and performance simultaneously, regardless of the multitude of projects.
  • Excellent marketing resource management- Having optimum resource management is crucial in a project. Thus, Redmineflux’s BPM software allows users to allocate the correct tasks to the correct resources. It guarantees projects’ completion within the schedule, making it more tempting to subscribe now with its plans. 

Key advantages of Kissflow

As a long-time player in Information Technology and business, Kissflow has a strong foothold in this industry. 

It offers a seamless and straightforward project management process for various industries and organizations.

Its clients benefit from its automated and digitized workflows, eliminating paper trails while improving efficiency. 

Here is a detailed list of Kissflow’s advantages for your reference.

  • Quick no-code workflows- Kissflow boasts a no-code workflow deployable within hours. It has a set of self-developed and fully functional applications ready for use.


  • Flexible and user-friendly interface- Kissflow constructed its user dashboard using Kanban for convenient use. This feature enables users to automate processes and workflows, easily customize pages, and integrate dashboards with applications under one platform.
  • Dynamic platform- Kissflow takes pride in its powerful and highly capable platform developed by seasoned developers. They continue developing Kissflow’s BPM software’s innovative applications and reusable customized components.


  • Fully-governed- Its platform has a centralized and fully-governed workflow and activities on a granular level. It allows the manager to track all users and application activities efficiently.


  • Safe and Secure- Kissflow features robust data security that complies with the latest data standards, giving its users peace of mind. It has numerous security features such as access controls only allowing approved users to utilize the platform.


  • Cross-functional synergy-It designed its platform to breakdown barriers and foster collaboration across departments. Also, it promotes cross-functional collaboration.

Clever tips before choosing the best BPM software/project management tool

Now that you’re nearing the end of this article, it would be clever to compare all the features and benefits between Redmineflux and Kissflow. 

You can sign up between these two highly capable business project management (BPM) software or project management tools.

But don’t get too excited! As a bonus for this article, here are the top five tips for choosing the best project management tool.

  1. Ease of Use-Topping this list is convenient. What’s the purpose of using a project management tool if it’s too complex? It will only hinder your project’s progress and slow everyone down. Thus, always choose a BPM or project management tool with a user-friendly interface when using its dashboard, features, and plugins.
  2. Identify your needs- You must also determine your project or business’s needs since not all BPM project management tools have everything to cater to everything. By identifying your needs, you further understand the features of the BPM software key to your project’s success.
  3. Identify your work environment- Identifying your company or organization’s nature or industry is equally important. By doing this, finding a BPM software that fits the industry and habits is easier.

  4. Always pay attention to task management features- These features are essential in listing and assigning tasks to everyone in the project. Without this feature, the team won’t be able to perform their assigned tasks, completely defeating the purpose to subscribe BPM software.
  5. Communication and collaboration tools- Last on this list is determining if the BPM software has communication and collaboration features. These are important in streamlining tasks and processes, especially if the project members or employees with access to the BPM software work in the field. The features must communicate openly with alerts and notifications through web-based or mobile applications.


The value of tools like Redmineflux and Trello in the world of project management that always changes is getting higher. Both services are similar in giving freedom and speed, but their ways of doing things differ to meet different business needs. Redmineflux is good for projects with lots of parts, similar to a tailored suit that fits complex steps. On the other hand, Trello makes it easy to use an adjustable standing desk by making communication natural for different groups of people.

Though they are different, a variety of other software, like ClickUp’s flexibility and ProofHub’s many features, show how quickly project management tools change. With different costs, features, and good things that they can choose from, experts might pick solutions made just for their own needs.

But despite the various numbers of alternatives with each a feature that may grant you specific benefits, Redmineflux proves to be the most superior alternative to Trello and perhaps maybe even better than Trello. After all, Redmineflux is a project management tool that grants its users more features compared to Trello while still being at a cheap and affordable price. Lastly, Redmineflux can be easily integrated with multiple types of systems and projects.

As time goes on, project tools will probably change, too. They might give new things to do and better ways for teams to work together. This will keep changing how groups run their projects over time.