Redmineflux vs Proofhub : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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The business world today is deeply intertwined with technology. 

From Artificial Intelligence and digitalization to robotics, businesses saw the importance of technology in streamlining every operation resulting in better yield. 

Despite the availability of technology to everyone, many businesses have fallen short because of their stubbornness to innovate.

Some business owners or leaders remain skeptical about adapting to technology, leaving them behind competitors. 

According to an article from Deseret News, businesses, particularly small players, must thrive and be more competitive in the coming years by establishing an online presence and utilizing its tools. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of the best technological innovations in business these days—project management tools/software. 

As such, this article will cover a detailed comparison and insight between Redmineflux and Proofhub. 

Let’s unravel its distinct features, functionalities, and benefits for those planning to utilize its platform before they sign up. 

Also, this article provides everyone with the best alternative to Proofhub through a detailed side-by-side comparison, offering excellent insights into choosing the right project management software. 

Redmineflux vs Proofhub A showdown between two known project management tools

What is Proofhub?

Before diving into the comparison, it would be best to learn Redmineflux and Proofhub, starting with the latter. 

Proofhub developers describe their product as a versatile project management tool that improves planning, collaboration, organization, and delivery of projects through automation. 

It’s completely similar to other project management tools, which mainly help streamline operations online. 

Proofhub is also an all-in-one platform, putting everything the user needs to get their work done. 

Its features allow customization, workability, scalability, security, and privacy for its users.

Sandeep Kashyap founded Proofhub in 2012 and has grown big through the years.

Currently, it has over a hundred employees, according to Crunchbase. 

In 2020, Proofhub earned a podium as one of’s “Best Project Management Software Companies of 2020.” 

With its robust features in a single platform and intuitive interface, Proofhub was named one of the 2- best brands that developed project management software that year.

Like most capable software developers, they designed Proofhub as a web-based platform catering to a wide array of industries.

It includes small businesses, groups, and companies in need of fast and efficient project management software. 

Some of Proofhub’s key features include file sharing, time tracking, built-in browser chat, and plenty more in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform.

What is Redmineflux?

Let’s move on to Redmineflux, touted as one of the rising Proofhub competitors. 

Redmineflux is a Dover, Delaware-based, cloud-based project management tool/software.

It’s developed to help businesses and organizations accelerate track project status, collaboration, and so much more. 

Zehntech, the software company behind Redmineflux has one thing in mind—speed and efficiency.  

Unlike Proofhub, Redmineflux has been in the project management software industry for roughly three years.

Despite being a new player in this highly competitive industry, Redmineflux has gained ground and increased its reputation throughout the years. 

It takes pride as one of the leading SaaS providers of versatile project management solutions.

It’s carefully designed for seamless integration, harnessing the powers of the open-source Redmine platform. 

By doing this, Redmineflux offers a capable and highly-reliable extension helping transform project management into a convenient yet powerful experience. 

Redmineflux’s developers understand the pain points of businesses and organizations, especially the dire need for easy-to-use project management software these days. 

It boasts an extensive selection of plugin libraries to cover the majority of functionalities to improve project efficiency, task management, and collaboration. 

What makes Redmineflux superior to the other brands is its adaptability and growth alongside technological innovations. 

The constant technological innovation drives its developers to enhance further its current line-up of themes, plugins, and other features to cater to the evolving clients’ demands.

Proofhub Key Features

Proofhub provides all the essential tools one needs in a single platform without the requirement to invest in different management projects.

It helps its users plan the things that need immediate completion, brainstorm, and efficient file and document organization in a more clever and faster way. 

To help everyone get a better understanding of Proofhub’s key features and advantages, check out the detailed list below:

  • Dedicated project workspaces- Proofhub allows its users to add projects that provide their own set of clients, teams, tasks, time data, files, discussions, and plans. Those who have two different teams handing two different clients can add more separate projects on the platform. It’s pretty much what you’d sign up for. 
  • Add people with ease- Proofhub allows users to add more people to the project manager or account for collaboration. Users can customize the title, time zone, language, and other features for each added person. 
  • Easier task assigning and prioritizing- One of this software’s features allows users to assign tasks to a single or an entire team or as many as they want. Users can also divide tasks into smaller and manageable micro tasks and assign people for each of them. 
  • Kanban board- This feature is popular in most project management software. It allows users to make workflow stages with rich visualizations. Users can achieve a better view of the work in progress as the team proceeds from one stage to the other by using the Kanban board. 
  • Gantt charts- Another notable feature users find in Proofhub is Gantt charts, which help in scheduling and planning tasks through a timeline view visualization. Users can assign tasks to members while the latter gets notified simultaneously.

Redmineflux Key Features

As a SaaS, Redmineflux ensures its user’s security and availability to focus on delivering projects more efficiently to help businesses and organizations grow. 

Like Proofhub, Redmineflux is rich in features designed to help its users breeze through complex tasks to get the work done.

So, here are some features of why Redmineflux is one of the best Proofhub competitors. 

  • Gantt and Agile boards availability- These two plugins serve as fundamental features for Redmineflux. It allows users to create a new and easy-to-use experience, especially for project managers. It provides a user-friendly interface for a more convenient user experience, regardless of the position, be it administrator or team member. 
  • Kanban board availability- Like Proofhub, Redmineflux also offers quirky but versatile Kanban boards. Amazingly, Redmineflux interconnected Kanban, Gantt, and Agile boards for a more convenient experience for its users. 
  • Better collaboration tools- One of the best features Redmineflux offers to its users is its collaboration tools and features. Redmineflux’s platform integrates these features for easier communication, such as tagging, commenting, and mentioning everyone throughout the project board. 
  • Reporting tools- This crucial feature must be in every project management software as the team or business relies on it heavily based on the project data and analysis. Fortunately, Redmineflux includes this feature on its platform. Its reporting tools are API-integrated, allowing users to utilize third-party plugins such as Salesforce, GitHub, and Slack for improved productivity. 
  • Helpdesk availability- This feature allows users’ support teams to provide help to customers online via a centralized feature. This feature receives, organizes, filters, manages, and replies to customer requests. Having this feature enhances customer communication. 

Free trial/demo- Redmineflux gives everyone a free to try, no strings attached compliment. It’s to encourage everyone to experience its project management software’s features and functions.

Feature Comparison Table for Redmineflux vs. Proofhub




Issue tracking

Creation of issues or tasks and assign them to team members.

Custom field creation for workflow and project categorization. 

Agile boards and Gantt Charts

Support Kanban-style boards and workflow management for improved work progress and visualization.

Also supports Kanban boards for visualization and improved workflow 

Project management

Uses agile methodologies such as milestone tracking, resource management, portfolio management, time tracking, Idea management, and traditional methodologies

Chat, group chat, notes, announcements, task assignments, discussions

Collaboration tools

Tools for collaboration from third-party plugins such as Mentions, Workload, Tags Plugin, and Issue Template

Uses third-party plugins such as Asana, Microsoft Teams, Clickup, and Slack. 


Reporting Plugins for team workload, timesheet, and custom dashboard.

Calendar, milestone tracking, task completion report, time utilization, and project status


Web-based application, SaaS, Windows, Linux, Mac

SaaS, web-based, Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile application


Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, Google Calendar, DropBox, and One Drive

Slack, Box, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, One Drive.


Currently, Redmineflux Cost Just $1/User/Month.

$89/monthly per 30-person group

Redmineflux VS Proofhub: Which is more versatile?

At this point, everyone would be under the impression that Redmineflux and Proofhub have pretty much the same features and benefits. 

However, there is more to these two top project management tools that you must know.

So, check out another detailed comparison that discusses the benefits users can enjoy using these two. 


Customization is a key feature to look for in project management software.

This feature allows users to be more flexible in using the platform’s features and tools efficiently according to their needs.

Redmineflux boasts over 20 plugins, all integrated to provide users with the most convenient project management software experience. 

It takes pride in interconnecting Gantt Chart, Kanban boards, and Agile boards into its fully customizable dashboard for better workflow and efficiency. 

On top of that, it has loads of features and plugins for other tasks and purposes. 

Whereas Proofhub solely relies on eight third-party plugins such as Slack, Box, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, One Drive, Freshbooks, and Quick Books, limiting the users’ flexibility. 

Redmineflux enables users not just to customize their user dashboards with these plugins fully, but also synchronize tasks, workloads, and other projects for a more versatile experience. 

On the other hand, Proofhub’s third-party plugins function separately because of restrictions from one another. 


Redmineflux offers $1/month per user, erasing the notion that capable project management software must be expensive.

Thus, it makes a perfect solution for startups and small and medium enterprises or SMEs. 

However, large corporations and organizations can still reap the benefits of Redmineflux’s flexible and cost-effective rates as it offers a wide array of plans. 

Meanwhile, Proofhub has a flat rate of $45/month, which limits users to 40 projects and a considerable amount of storage. 

It also has a second-tier plan priced at $89 in the first month and $99 in the succeeding months to enjoy all features. 


Speaking of features, Redmineflux has the upper hand, given the wide array of plugins to use. 

However, Redmineflux has a lot to offer through its suite of innovative features from its project management and Redmine plugins. 

Proofhub also boasts loads of features, such as its Kanban boards, Gantt boards, and dedicated workspaces. 

What makes Redmineflux stand out over Proofhub is the features’ synchronicity, allowing the user to breeze through tasks, insights, projects, and other important works. 

User Interface 

Project management software clients always look for the one with the most convenient and user-friendly interface. 

Fortunately, Redmineflux has taken note of this and made sure to design its user interface with drag-and-drop and click-and-play functionality to eliminate complex workflows. 

Proofhub pretty much features the same user-friendly interface to cater to the user’s demand while maximizing its capability to operate efficiently. 

Customer Support 

Another crucial aspect to determine is the response time and attentiveness of its customer support. 

Customer support doesn’t just come post-purchase; it starts by providing a free demo or a try now, pay later policy, wherein users can fully immerse themselves in the software. 

Redmineflux offers free demos and trials with the assistance of customer service that reaches out to customers via email. 

Also, it has a chat support and phone number to call whenever users have difficulties browsing through the features. 

Like Redmineflux, Proofhub also has proactive customer support such as chat, email, and phone on standby, ready to communicate with customers.

Redmineflux vs Proofhub: Which is Best For You?

There are plenty of things to consider before choosing the best project management tool for business to cater to your business’s unique needs.

However, this article showed you clearly Redmineflux’s capability over Proofhub with this side-by-side comparison. 

Proofhub’s dependence on third-party plugins limits its potential to follow the footsteps of other popular project management software in the market. 

Still, it’s highly efficient with its innovative project planning, reporting, integration, and collaboration tools available at certain plans. 

Meanwhile, Redmineflux harnesses its power with the open-source Redmine, along with over 20 plugins and features to enjoy. 

Probably, Redmineflux has the edge over Proofhub when it comes to integration, plugin diversity, and pricing. 

These are three key features many prospective clients consider when choosing project management software. 

So, with all that in mind, let’s conclude this article that Redmineflux is the best alternative to Proofhub. 

Those looking for more straightforward project management software can choose Proofhub, while for those who want to reap all the innovative tools, Redmineflux is the best choice. 

Before wrapping up this article, always remember to base your choice on identifying your organization or business’s specific requirements and needs. 

Always consider the size, the number of staff, projects, and resources for a more harmonious experience.