Redmineflux vs Rally : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Rally is a Boulder, Colorado based Software-as-a-Service firm that offers an agile software development and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform. 

Its platform is also utilized as a project management software that can cater to various businesses, organizations, and companies. 

It boasts as an all-in-one platform for collaboration, tracking, planning, and synchronicity for its users. 

Like a project management software, it allows users to visualize their projects in boards, lists, timeline views, and have an improved understanding of their workflow, while being aligned by their organizational goals. 

Rally endured numerous corporate changes throughout the years since its founding in 2001. 

CA Technologies acquired its ALM platform but later rebranded as CA Agile Central. 

In the latter years, Broadcom renamed CA Agile Central back to Rally which is still the company’s name up to this day. 

So, how does Rally’s SaaS work?

Like most ALM and agile software development platform, it helps users connect their strategy with execution through a more scalable and more agile methodologies in different businesses. 

It means that Rally’s platform doesn’t entirely limits to software and application developers, but also average users like businesses. 

Its technology supports agile transformations using various features such as CA Agile Central Portfolio Items hierarchy, Big Room Planning, and more. 

However, there is a more capable alternative to Rally and that is Redmineflux.

Redmineflux vs. Rally Choosing The Best Project Management Solutions

What is Redmineflux?

Redmineflux is a Comprehensive Project Management Solution that is built on Open Source Redmine Platform, it is developed by Zehntech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Redmineflux offers its flexible cloud-based platform deployable on-premises.

It harnesses its power through Redmine’s open-source code, while boasting over 18 plugins and themes users can take advantage of as a project management software. 

Currently, Redmineflux is widely-known for its project management solution’s features, including access to comprehensive reporting and improved analytics for better project insights.

These features help translate data and workflow into well-informed project/business decisions that would impact overall success.

Furthermore, it provides users the freedom to utilize CSV files to import resources and data with ease. 

With all that in mind, Redmineflux is now the leading SaaS brand for project management solutions for its uniquely designed for seamless integration. 

Its cutting-edge service always surpasses the average, spoiling its clients with features they would never see in other platforms. 

Redmineflux’s developers at Zehntech completely understands the fast-paced and constantly evolving necessities of various industries.

Its solutions also continue to innovate to meet these growing demands, thanks to its extensive plugin choices that encompasses a spectrum of functionalities to help businesses adapt and grow.

Redmineflux vs Rally: A Brief Comparison










Project Management Tools 



Harnesses plugins for better functionality such as Gantt Charts, Agile Board, Timesheet, Checklist, and Workload.  





Uses Agile tracking tool, including Microsoft products to export and import data with ease. It also uses CA (Agile Central) for project development.  




Integrates over 18 plugins including GitHub, and Kanban boards.  




Uses data-first platform Stormboard for collaboration and Agile Requirements Designer for to manage requirements, automate testing, and collaborate with clients 



Monitor & Tracking 


Utilizes, Time Tracker, and Timesheet to track goals and progress, while tasks are updated automatically. It also has a versatile bug reporting feature for seamless integration. 


Uses Portfolio Kanban boards through its user dashboard to closely monitor tasks, progress, and other important details of a project.  






  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based 
  • Desktop – Mac 
  • Desktop – Windows 
  • Desktop – Linux 
  • Desktop – Chromebook 
  • On-Premises – Windows 
  • On-Premises – Linux 



  • Cloud-based  


Collaboration tools 


Integrates features such as tags, mentions, comments, and add notes for improved collaboration and communication. It’s easier for users to notify, assign, and alert project members within the platform.  




Utilizes ConnectALL to allow users manage projects and issue tracking with top-notch DevOps and ITSM teams with the help of value steam management.  




  • In Person 
  • Live Demo  
  • Tutorials 
  • Documentation 
  • On-Boarding 



  • Customer Service email 
  • Customer service hotline 
  • Tutorial 





  • Mention, Tag, and Inline Editor Plugins for free.
  •  Additional plugins from $49 to $499 and combo packages from $1695 to $3786.
  •  NA

Rally Key Features

  • Agile metrics- This feature allows users to measure the flow of materials, tasks, resources, and data for continuous improvement. Agile metrics provide users a perfect view into the predictability and efficiency of a team’s project deliverables. With this kind of feature, it reduces the unimpeded and wasted flow, while increasing value delivered. Rally has a metrics chart which includes Flow Velocity, Flow time, Flow load, and Flow efficiency that users can use.



  • Capacity Forecast- Rally also provides its capacity forecast feature that provides teams the essential data to balance predictability and risk. This feature is useful for planning future quarters or PLS. It also helps visualize prospect delivering items and points depending on the team’s current data.



  • Objectives and Key Results- Another noteworthy feature Rally has is its Objectives and Key Results helping users achieve goal-setting framework. At the same time, this feature improves goal alignment by creating a clearer and proactive work environment, ensuring to complete work without a sweat.
  • Rally Software Team Board- Rally provides this feature to help its users by directing them towards empowerment and innovation. It functions as a central hub for communication, collaboration, and planning. It also allows users to improve visualization of current tasks at hand, as well as completed tasks, from its lists, boards, and timeline views.



  • Custom dashboards- Lastly, Rally offers this feature for flexibility and ease of use. It works through its custom dashboards that allows users to customize them to fully-align their project’s core nature, goals, and working nature. Rally’s custom dashboard lets users get more features such as diagrams, charts, workflows, and important add-ons.

Redmineflux Key Features

  • Gantt Chart and Agile Boards- Gantt Charts and Agile Boards serve as two key features in Redmineflux that works harmoniously together. Gantt Charts provide users improved visualizations of their projects through a timeline, including task tracking, schedule bars, and other essential features to finish works efficiently. Agile Boards helps users with collected and analyzed data to come up with better decision making. Agile Board also provides users an overview of their project’s overall status using multitude of useful features for better project management workflows.


  • Kanban Board-Similar to Rally, Redmineflux also uses Kanban Board for improved and well-organized workflow. It allows users to move cards through its straightforward drag-and-drop functionality in various columns.
  • Custom Dashboard- Redmineflux also boasts custom dashboard which provides users flexibility and personalized experience. Users can easily customize their dashboards depending on their project’s nature and status. They enjoy a complete overview of their project or business’s performance and status. It also provides them in-depth and real-time reports, so as critical insights, allowing them improved decision making.


  • Tags- This feature fosters improved collaboration and communication. It allows users to facilitate a straight forward labeling and organizing tasks, notifications, and comments into a cleverer form relevant to clients, teams, and other important sections of a project. It can also be utilized to prioritize and classify tasks and works by filtering them before assigning it to members.
  • Mentions- This feature allows users, especially project or business leaders to notify their members. This feature is completely useful for productivity, especially if a team member slacks off with his or her assigned task that must be submitted within the deadline by calling out their attention.

  • Project Template- Each business or project has its own unique differences and requirements. Thus, Redmineflux integrated project templates for a straightforward customizable but systematic feature. This feature is tailored to every unique needs of a business or project to help accommodate and complete a project’s specific needs.

  • Issue Template- The Issue template allow users to create issues quickly with predefined templates. With this plugin, users can easily create, edit, and delete templates, empowering them to streamline their workflow and ensure consistent and standardized issue creation across projects.

  • Timesheet- Get the latest updates and tracking of the pending and accomplished tasks, billable clients, and time logs with this feature. Using this feature allows users to guarantee an accurate project delivery date. It also helps users achieve a better idea of the workload on each team member who have assigned tasks to eliminate bottlenecks and issues.


  • Resource Planning and Management- Redmineflux boasts an innovative and clever resource management feature where users can efficiently allocate tasks among all project members or employees. This feature comes in the form of a chat which provides everyone the idea of the tasks for different members on a project or workload.


  • Knowledge Base- Lastly, Redmineflux offers the Knowledge Base feature to eliminate messy and complicated documentation. By using this feature, it allows users to construct a more sophisticated knowledge base for better documentation and product requirements. Users can add this feature similar to an advanced search and page tree.

Why Choose Rally?

With all its features and experience in the industry, it’s pretty hard to pass on with Rally’s comprehensive SaaS.

Its features have been integrated to different methodologies which provides users quick and smooth adaptability, especially with its Agile management. It also offers flexibility by allowing users customization of their project’s dashboard for improved workflow. 

Most importantly, Rally offers better transparency, helping its users to track bugs, issues, and risks, fix them, while optimizing project operations, translating to better productivity.

Why Choose Redmineflux?

Redmineflux takes pride to have features that not just offer productivity, but also empowerment to its users.

It not just promises but also guarantees better productivity through its improved agile sprint planning and goal setting features that maximizes user performance.

Redmineflux’s features and overall functionality allows users to improve collaboration in real time with its plugins such as Flux Gantt, Workload, and Agile Board

Besides being cost effective, flexible, and user-friendly features, Redmineflux always keep in mind efficiency and improved output for its users. 

Which one to choose? Redmineflux or Rally?

Searching for the best project management software always come with different concerns in mind. 

One of them is the total cost of implementation, entire list of features, functionalities, vendor reputation, reviews, and all the pros and cons which come with it.

To conclude this article, Rally Software’s advanced ALM and project management software comes with a price. 

The cost of implementing Rally can vary depending on factors such as the size of the organization, the number of users, and the specific features required.

Whereas Redmineflux, users can enjoy essential features and plugins at affordable cost. 

Of course, everyone can enjoy and benefit more if they pay for higher-tier packages Redmineflux offers to unlock superior features. 

Picking between the two is completely up to the user’s decision.

However, this article proved that Redmineflux has the upper hand in several aspects.

It provides users with twice the number of features which have been proven to be compatible extensions for different systems.

Plus, users can easily install all plugins essential for their productivity and workflow.

After finishing installing Redmineflux’s plugins, users will reap dozens of benefits from the smallest to the most helpful features such as dashboards, templates, document versions, and more.

Meanwhile, Rally mainly relies on its Agile technology which promises to accelerate not just the pace, but also productivity for its users. 

At Rally, it promises absolute dedication to create better, leaner, and faster company workflow. 

On the other hand, Redmineflux relies on its versatile plugins and features such as the Gantt Chart that’s been proven to revolutionize project management solutions these days.

This feature alone is a telltale sign who is winning in this battle between two project management software heavyweights.

Gantt Chart, so as other features help users achieve a straighter forward collaboration, communication, and productivity. 

At the same time, it eliminates complexity in achieving project goals as teams enjoy countless innovative tools which they can start with a free package for starters.

Redmineflux is fully committed for continuous innovation to not just reshape, but bolster users’ capability in the ever-changing landscape of project management solutions.