Redmineflux vs. Team Gantt – Which Is Right for You

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a magic formula for project success? According to Pellerin’s recent studies on project management software, project managers can significantly influence project achievement through software tools. A central application to manage project planning, execution, and monitoring is a must-have for project managers who want to achieve their goals with limited resources, time, and budget constraints. 

Countless software options are available in the marketplace, and a quick online search can be overwhelming. Let’s be clear, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so discovering the best solution is a demanding task. A remarkable project management solution supports different planning methodologies, integrates customer-specific workflows, and provides monitoring capabilities. In the present blog post, we compare two state-of-the-art solutions, Team Gantt and Redmineflux. 

Team Gantt is an excellent project management tool that offers excellent collaboration options. Project planning is done simply with the drag-and-drop functionality, and managers can set with one single click start and end dates, reordering tasks and schedule issues. The software makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and provides comprehensive project health reports. Additionally, the platform promises team collaboration improvement by delivering a single-page project update that can be shared among stakeholders. However, the limited reporting and integration with third-party software make some look for a Team Gantt alternative. 

Redmine is an open-source application for project management and is remarkable for issue tracking. Further, Redmineflux is a cost-efficient plugin for project management and issue tracking. The extension provides exceptional support for agile development and can be tailored for startups and mid-size companies. Stay to the end and explore the Open-source Team Gantt alternative that will bring your organization to the next level. 

By the end of this article, you’ll learn:

-What is the Team Gantt project management software?

-Team Gantt pros and cons

-Redmineflux, the best alternative to Team Gantt.

Comparing the Giants Redmineflux vs. Team Gantt – Which Is Right for You

What is the Team Gantt project management software?

Team Gantt platform is an intuitive project management software based on Gantt chart scheduling methods. The software’s essential feature is the user-friendly environment, which allows users with several backgrounds to set up a project and manage work items. Project planners use the drag-and-drop functionality to create and modify tasks directly within the Gantt chart. Basically, the User Interface (UI) is highly curated, so timelines are pleasant, and reporting is easy to understand. 

The application allows users to display all project-relevant information in one single view, which is essential for tracking. It also facilitates collaboration over the discussion tool, and its workflow supports users by structuring tasks for better clarity. The Gantt chart view enables real-time comparison of the project’s planned and actual timelines. Additionally, users can create several views like calendar and comprehensive portfolio views.

Why should Team Gannt matter to you as a Project Manager?

Over 40% of project manager practitioners agree on solution functionality as a central aspect for choosing the project management solution (Statista 2023). Team Gantt is a powerful project management tool with a user-friendly interface. The application focuses on visual planning for arranging timelines understandably and comprehensively. 

The solution is designed to address common user pain points: project items visibility. Project management is complex; many external and internal factors affect project outcomes. However, Team Gannt makes it easier for all stakeholders to understand the progress and communicate project bottlenecks. Therefore, software that brings drag-and-drop scheduling, real-time timeline views, and team collaboration will positively affect your project performance.

Team Gantt's pros and cons

Team Gantt’s main feature is the curated and intuitive user interface that provides drag-and-drop functionality over the timelines and facilitates user onboarding. Project managers can visualize the project plan in an accessible and understandable format. The collaboration tools allow sharing of information instantaneously, engaging stakeholders in the project workflow. 

However, like any other tool, Team Gantt has some drawbacks. First, the customization options are limited and tailored to the waterfall methodology. Therefore, if you are in IT development, SCRUM sprints are not available on Team Gantt and you probably need to look for a Team Gantt alternative. Secondly, the limitation makes users customize the solution to match their organization’s requirements, monitoring needs, and workflow. This leads users to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the solution. Moreover, the limitation makes Team Gannt to fall short of delivering value for larger and more complex organizations.

Team Gantt’s pricing model offers two plans tailored to meet the different needs of project managers and teams: Lite and Pro. The Lite plan, priced at $19 per month per manager, is designed for smaller teams or projects and provides essential project management functionalities at the lower end. The price tier includes core Gantt capabilities, a calendar, a task list, and project boards. The limitation is max. 5 projects per manager, 150 tasks per project, and up to 5 collaborators per manager. 

Further, the Pro plan, priced at $49 per month per manager, is offered for larger teams and projects. The plan offers a robust set of tools to enhance collaboration, organization, and overall project success. The limitation is max. 20 projects per manager, unlimited tasks, and collaborators. The plan offers additional benefits, like priority support, advanced workload management, and the option for hourly estimating. Users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial to explore the Lite or Pro plan, with the flexibility to cancel anytime. 

Last, the premium tier “Unlimited Everything” provides unlimited managers, projects, tasks, and advanced functionalities like RACI matrices, project health monitoring, and custom boards. The tier is developed for corporations with special customization needs, and the price is available in consultation with the sales team.

While organizations and managers need to weigh the pros and cons by selecting Team Gantt a project management tool, we will provide in the section a Team Gantt alternative for IT teams that will bring your organization forward and propel efficiency.


Redmineflux plugins offer a powerful Redmine extension for managing agile teams and a solution with no vendor locking. The users appreciate the intuitive interface, which allows them to get up and running and enables end-to-end monitoring of deadlines, progression, and resources. 

The software makes it easy to track project performance with features like roadmaps, Kanban boards, checklists, timesheets, and team workload dashboards. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to configure project items while consolidating the project data in one place. The Redmineflux Workload and timesheet plugin is particularly noteworthy, as it helps project managers and team members increase productivity and deliver product increments faster.

The IT solution is an ideal solution for startups as well as medium-to-large organizations. Businesses can book the different plugin combos according to the current requirements. The following section will answer the common question regarding Redmineflux setup and operation.

Common Questions and Concerns about Redmineflux

What are the central project management features?

Redmineflux extends the Redmine UI by providing out-of-the-box project management features, including Roadmaps, Kanban boards, checklists, timesheets, and issue templates. It is a cost-efficient plugin for project management and issue tracking. Additionally, the dashboard functionality allows managers to create project roadmaps, watch progress, and manage team workload in a comprehensive project overview.

How is the monitoring and tracking?

After the project planning or sprint planning phase, the team starts working on the issues, and a project manager wants to track the status. The end-to-end tool brings agile boards, to-do lists, and roadmaps into one place, making your life as a project manager easy. Visualizing roadmaps and deadlines makes project tracking and progress real-time and gets detailed information on timelines. Redmineflux is a Team Gantt alternative for IT teams, allowing users real-time monitoring of the next release. Project managers can stay on top of their projects and ensure everything runs smoothly.

What are the Collaboration tools?

Project management is about team collaboration and, above all, communication. Redmineflux enables team members to collaborate on tasks using mentions, a feature for notifying co-workers about new issues or changes. Users can tag task assignees and get them involved instantly, and the notification plugins integrate notifications over email. With these collaboration and notification features, Redmineflux makes it easy for team members to be in the loop and stay informed throughout the project lifecycle.

What third-party integrations are available?

A factor to consider while looking for project management tools is the integration of third-party applications. Redmineflux offers a wide variety of Plugins, and users can access the Redmine third-party plugin for integration with applications such as GitHub, Google Calender, and BitBucket.  

Redmineflux also integrates Redmine third-party webhooks to extend the third-party integration portfolio. For example, Redmine email configuration stands out by grating email updates for issue progress, updates, and user actions. Also, Redmine webhook enables team collaboration and integration of Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

What is the price model?

Redmineflux offers Plugins for free to $499 or a package called Plugins Combo. Plugins Combo started from $1695 for essential features to $3786 for All Plugins Combo. Although each organization has different requirements, sizes, and needs, some assumptions are needed to compare both solutions.

Table 1. Feature-to-Feature comparison Team Gantt vs. Redmineflux




Project Management Tools

Project Management (drag and drop), Gantt chart view with planned vs. actual timeline. RACI, Project health and custom boards (available at the high end)

Plugins include Gantt Diagram, Agile Board, Sprint planning, Checklist, Workload, and Timesheet.

Monitor & Tracking

Portfolio views and reports, and calendar view and list.

Tracking and monitoring out-of-the-box, the workload on individual members.

Collaboration tools

Discussion Tab to communicate with team members

Mentioning with @ to assign team members.


Mobile iOS App and Desktop application

Web Application.


Zapier, Slack, Jira, Dropbox, Google Calender, iCal or Outlook

Several Plugins, plus Redmine third-party such as GitHub, Google Calender and BitBucket.


Lite Plan: $19/month per manager. Pro Plan: $49/month per manager. Unlimited everthing (RACI, Project health and custom boards): Price available on consultation 

Each plugin alone from free to $499. Plugins Combo essential for $1695 and Plugins Combo full for $3786 per year.


In the blog post, we compared Team Gantt and a Team Gantt alternative for marketing teams, Redmineflux. Team Gantt glances for its curated user interface that allows setting up projects with just one click. Also, the application promotes team collaboration with a discussion view and enables users to get valuable insights into project status. The users find the Gantt chart view with planned vs. actual timeline a meaningful feature. Nevertheless, users feel overwhelmed with the complexity, and the Gantt method may not fit their organization’s requirements.    

The Redmineflux extension is designed for agile development and provides a modern, user-friendly interface. Moreover, the software allows users to track workload, timesheet management, and resource allocation to a whole new level. Project managers who use Redmineflux are impressed by how team productivity increases. Moreover, Redmineflux reliably interconnects all functionalities, and in case of any questions, user support is available 24/7. 

The pricing model is straightforward: Plugins Combo are offered from the essential combo package As a project manager, consider not only the easy-to-use interface but also the training time of your team members. If you are using Notion consider trying out Redmineflux to improve team efficiency and productivity.