Redmineflux vs VersionOne : A Project Management Tool Comparison

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Those familiar with project management software and application lifecycle management (ALM) surefire know VersionOne and Redmineflux.

These are the two of the most known software solutions available in the market today. 

In this article, let’s dive into a detailed comparison between these two fascinating and highly-capable brands.

The main goal of this article is to provide a detailed view of both Redmineflux and VersionOne’s features, benefits, and their pros and cons. 

It’s to help the buyer make the best buying decision if Redmineflux is the best alternative to VersionOne based on the facts provided in this article.

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What is VersionOne?

To start, VersionOne is both an application lifecycle management (ALM) and a project management software in a single platform.

Like most software, its goal is to help develop companies, business owners, teams, and project managers achieve agile workflow and online operations.

Its solution provides a wide array of features and integrations including Kanban, XP, Lean, and Scrum methodologies for ease of use. 

However, what’s the difference between an ALM and a project management software is that the former is a software application used from planning to the project’s retirement.

An ALM is a suite of tools that analysts, developers, and stakeholders utilize for managing their application, rather than a project. 

One good example of ALM’s best also involves planning, testing, and implementing project strategies which is pretty much the same as a project management software.

The difference is that it mainly focuses on application development, rather than a general project as a whole. 

Redmineflux and VersionOne has been compared because of its feature similarities, so as their benefits, and key functions.

Aside from Redmineflux, VersionOne has also been compared to various project management software brands.

Some of VersionOne’s features and benefits includes portfolio management, agile project management, program management, business intelligence, quality management, hub integration, and hub development. 

It utilizes both Kanban and Scum to operate its agile development tools such as project boards, project road mapping, project test management and project planning. 

It’s structured as a multi-dimensional tool to allow its users manage various tasks simultaneously under one platform. 

Currently, VersionOne is based in Alpharetta, Georgia with over 200 employees. 

VersionOne has been operating since 2002.

What is Redmineflux?

Redmineflux is one of the fast-rising Versionone competitors today. 

This Dover, Delaware based software company backed by Zehntech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is just roughly three years old.

However, its reputation in the SaaS industry has been growing positively and hugely because of its capability to provide the most comprehensive project management solution in the market.

Redmineflux is a cloud-based and on-premises project management software which serves as an extension to the open-source Redmine.

It harnesses its capability from over 18 plugins and multiple themes which further enhanced Redmine’s capabilities as a project management software. 

Just last year, Redmineflux set another milestone to its brand after launching its latest version

Today, Redmineflux provides users the freedom to make, track, and manage projects in a single platform. 

Its SaaS solutions allows users to gain access to advanced reporting and enhanced analytics for improved insights for their projects which would translate into better and well-informed decisions. 

In addition, users have the freedom to import resources and data such as databases and spreadsheets with its user-friendly drap-and-drop user-interface. 

Another key feature Redmineflux boasts is its dynamic user management system that allows businesses, organizations, and companies to create custom permissions and roles for their staff.

It guarantees them authority over the individuals they provided access, especially to sensitive data. 

One of Redmineflux’s main goals is to become the leading provider of top-notch project management solutions committed to help businesses of all sizes with a project management software driven to organizational success.

Redmineflux vs VersionOne: A Brief Comparison









Project Management Tools 


Utilizes third-party plugins such as Agile Board, Gantt Charts, Workload, Timesheet, and Checklist as project management tools 




Uses Microsoft Project Online, Servicenow, and Microsoft Project Server for its project management tools 





Features over 18 plugins including Google Calendar, GitHub, Google Drive, Google Maps, BitBucket, GitHub, and more. 



Utilizes IBM Rational Doors, Tricentis Tosca, and Jama Software as integrated third-party plugins 



Monitor & Tracking 


Utilizes, Time Tracker, Timesheet, and Objective and Key Results (OKR) to track goals and progress, while tasks are updated automatically. It also has a versatile bug reporting feature for seamless integration. 


Built-in Agile reporting and analytics features. It enables teams improved tracking for key metrics such as burndown and velocity charts. 







  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based 
  • Desktop – Mac 
  • Desktop – Windows 
  • Desktop – Linux 
  • Desktop – Chromebook 
  • On-Premises – Windows 
  • On-Premises – Linux 



  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based 


Collaboration tools 



Utilizes mentions, tags, comments, and chats for collaboration. These features are useful in notifying and assigning tasks for staff and project members.  





Has conversation groups and ideas improvements collaborative feature, enabling users for better communication and collaboration. 



  • In Person 
  • Live Demo  
  • Tutorials 
  • Documentation 
  • On-Boarding 



  • In Person 
  • Live Online 
  • Webinars 
  • Documentation 
  • Video 

VersionOne Key Features

Now you’re finished browsing through the table of comparison between Redmineflux and VersionOne, let’s continue reading to learn more about its distinct features for your reference. 

So, check out the list below starting with VersionOne’s key features:

  1. Continuous Delivery Platform- VersionOne being an ALM implements new projects by improving delivery and help’s compliance and guaranteeing audit. Projects receive continuum help by simplifying and identifying through performance metrics to ensure continuous end-to-end delivery. Through this feature, it helps boost the software development process of VersionOne’s DevOps methodologies, while reducing risks and enhancing quality.

  2. End-to-end software development project control- This feature helps groups sort through training easily as it helps in tracking bugs and software changes efficiently. With this kind of feature, it’s easier to find which aspect of the system is relevant to a bug by using keywords present in this feature. 

  3. Agile technics such as Kanban and Scrum- These features help users plot out their plans easily because of its straightforward functionality, eliminating complex processes in planning, while streamlining software development. Kanban and Scrum are both robust tracking tools as well for software development. 

  4. Issue Tracking- VersionOne also utilizes Agile methodology in development issue tracking. Its software has the ability to allow users create and track issues, so as defects, and stories in their projects or developed application. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop when using this feature on most of the project or app’s pages. 

  5. Google Agile Project Management- This feature is highly-effective in an Agile Development Environment such as VersionOne’s platform. Thus, it’s one of its most coveted features that helps users with its integrated intelligence reports. This feature helps users link with Kanban or Scrum methodologies within the platform for improved risk mitigation and management.

Redmineflux Key Features

  1. Agile Project Management Tool- Redmineflux showcases this feature to allow users to divide projects into smaller deliverable portions for easier management. Users will have better opportunity to deliver their final product with speed and more transparency because of this kind of feature. 

  2. Testcase Management Tool- Another top project management tool you can find in Redmineflux’s is its testcase management tool. It improves streamlining and managing test cases, executions, and plans. They developed this feature with minimal human effort and error in mind, making it ultra-efficient in comprehensive testing.
  3. Inline Editor and Issue Table Inline Editor- Redmineflux’s inline editor allows users to freely edit any detail or parameter for more flexibility. Its editing capability includes estimation, schedules, and due dates. This plug-in’s main purpose is to enable not just flexibility, but accuracy for users by eliminating multiple windows switching with its simple drag-and-drop features. 

  4. Smart resource management feature- One of its key features include an efficient and innovative resource planning and management. It allows users to effectively divide work amongst project/team members. This feature which comes in the form of a chart allows users to provide the assigned works for each member while getting a view of the workload. By having this kind of feature, it also allows members, especially the project manager to see who is overloaded, free, and occupied as of the moment.
  5. Knowledge Base- This features provides users an efficient knowledge base for a more organized documentation and product requirements. They can freely add features such as advanced search ang page tree for added efficiency. You can create your knowledge base and test other features with this free demo

  6. Timesheet- Keep the workflow going with Redmineflux’s versatile Timesheet plugin which allows users to keep track of the accomplished and pending works. With this feature, it ensures on-time project deliveries for billable clients. On top of that, this feature helps users get a better idea of workload on for its team members, while identifying choke points to prevent issues. 

  7. Issue Template- Keep on track with issues and bugs with this issues template feature that allows users to detect, fix, and eliminate all issues to deliver bug-free projects. This feature regularly scans and updates Redmineflux’s platform for any issues or bugs, making it an efficient addition to its service.
  8. Gantt Chart and Agile Board- These features provide a well-structure and sophisticated overview of the entire project including the tasks spread across different teams. Agile Task is responsible for breaking down the complex and larger projects into a more manageable smaller tasks for members to work on. Meanwhile, Gantt charts help in visualizing completed and pending works, so as team milestones for a more efficient tracking and progress, making Redmineflux the best alternative to VersionOne.

Bonus Content: Five Noteworthy Advantages of Using a Project Management Software

It’s a common obstacle for businesses of all sizes to juggle and accomplish multiple projects, responsibilities, plans, and staff.

Thus, an effective project management software is highly-beneficial to help businesses keep everything under control, while executing other aspects of operations. 

With that in mind, here are some noteworthy advantages or benefits of using a project management software over the conventional approach. 

  • Improved Planning and Execution- Project management software allows business leaders or project leaders to benefit from its comprehensive solutions to streamline project planning and execution with various features and technology. It allows users to track the most to the least important tasks and assign them to team members. At the same time, it helps in scheduling deadlines, create timelines, and keep track on overall progress. 

  • Provides a clearer path to achieve goals- Another reason to invest on using a project management software is its ability to help users establish clearer pathways for their organizational goals. An efficient project management software like Redmineflux provides real-time tracking and updates to everyone within the project for synchronicity. 

  • Improved resource management- A project management software provides users a comprehensive solution in managing resources by allocating personnel, equipment, and materials to specific departments. At the same time, it provides users real-time updates where resources go, ensuring none of it left unused.
  • Progress tracking- Another noteworthy benefit people have when using a project management software is detailed progress tracking. It allows users to track task lists, timelines, and progress reports for improved monitoring to keep track with the project’s overall progress.

  • Identifying flaws and risks- Lastly, the best project management tool for business helps in identifying potential issues and risks through its detailed reports, insights, and analytics. It helps users understand their project’s direction and anticipate any potential obstacles and risks that might come along the way. At the same time, it allows users to create contingency plans and take immediate action to these potential obstacles to eliminate costly delays or project complications.

Redmineflux vs VersionOne: Which has the best feature?

Choosing the best project management tool for business is a painstaking task for a project manager, business owner, or leaders. 

Thus, this article always come in handy for those seeking clear answers to their questions when choosing the right project management tool. 

With this detailed comparison, it’s clearer now which between Redmineflux and VersionOne is better for your specific needs. 

With the essential and fascinating information provided in this article, it’s surefire you know which of these two have a more robust and convenient capability to cater in businesses of all sizes. 

In summary, Redmineflux has the upperhand if used for businesses and organizations that seek a more efficient workflow and operations compared to VersionOne’s application lifecycle management (ALM) Platform.

VersionOne’s platform focuses on creation and maintenance of a software application which doesn’t entirely translates to a project’s better workflow and efficiency, although it has several features present with an actual project management software. 

In addition, VersionOne has a more complicated user interface compared to Redmineflux’s user-friendly features despite both having features such as Kanban boards. 

Lastly, VersionOne’s fill-up form ends up time-consuming and rather complex as what numerous reviewers stated. 

With all these in mind, it depends on the user’s decision which between Redmineflux and VersionOne can cater to their unique needs, and which is worth it to sign up

If it’s all about improved business workflow and operations, Redmineflux has virtually hit all the check marks of an efficient project management software.

Whereas VersionOne which fits perfectly for software and app developers who seek a better management software for application maintenance and management.